【豊富な例文付!共通テストの英文法】イディオムagree onとagree with

Ms. Leigh and I agreed on this opinion.

agree on は、「同意する」「合意する」という意味を持つ表現で、意見や意見の一致を表すために使われます。具体的には、複数の人が同じ意見に同意することを指します。例えば、友達との会話で「We all agree on going to the beach」(私たちは皆、ビーチに行くことに同意している)というように使います。

agree on は、さまざまな分野の文章で頻繁に使用されます。特に、ビジネス、政治、法律などの分野では、意思決定や合意形成のプロセスを表すためによく使われます。例えば、ビジネスの会議で「We need to agree on the marketing strategy」(私たちはマーケティング戦略について合意する必要があります)というように使われることがあります。

類似の表現としては、「reach an agreement」や「come to a consensus」などがあります。これらの表現も、「agree on」と同様に、意見や意思決定の一致を表すために使われます。


1. We all agree on the importance of recycling.

2. The committee couldn’t agree on a suitable candidate for the position.

3. They finally agreed on a date for the meeting.

4. The two parties agreed on the terms of the contract.

5. We need to agree on a budget for the project.

6. The team couldn’t agree on the best strategy to win the game.

7. The students agreed on a time to meet and study together.

8. After much discussion, they finally agreed on a compromise.

9. The board of directors couldn’t agree on the new company policy.

10. The team members agreed on the division of tasks for the project.

agree with Oとagree with O that

In addition, I agree with Hannah that there seems to be a big difference in the length of stay depending on the country or region the visitor is from.

agree with O と agree with O that は、どちらも同意や賛成の意味を表す表現ですが、微妙な違いがあります。

agree with Oは、O(人)が持っている意見や主張に同意することを示します。

1. I agree with your opinion about the importance of education.

2. She agrees with her friend’s decision to study abroad.

3. We all agree with the teacher’s suggestion to have a field trip.

4. He doesn’t agree with his parents’ strict rules.

5. The majority of people agree with the government’s new policy.

6. They agreed with each other to start a business together.

7. Do you agree with the proposal to extend the school hours?

8. She agreed with her friend’s idea to organize a charity event.

9. We all agreed with the decision to cancel the trip due to bad weather.

10. He agreed with his colleagues’ plan to present their research findings at the conference.

agree with O that

一方、agree with O that は、O(人)が述べた具体的な内容や意見に同意することを示します。ここでは、that 以下に具体的な文や内容が続きます。

I agree with John that we should take action to protect the environment.

つまり、agree with O は、人に同意することを一般的に表現し、具体的な内容に触れません。一方、agree with O that は、人の具体的な意見や主張に同意する際に使用され、その後に具体的な文や内容が続きます。

1. I agree with Tom that studying regularly is important for academic success.

2. She agrees with her friend that going on a trip during the summer break is a great idea.

3. We all agree with the teacher that teamwork plays a crucial role in achieving our goals.

4. He agrees with his parents that saving money for the future is a wise decision.

5. Mary agrees with her sister that reading books is a great way to expand knowledge.

6. They agree with their classmates that organizing a charity event is a meaningful project.

7. The committee members agree with the proposal that implementing stricter environmental regulations is necessary.

8. She agrees with her coach that consistent practice is the key to improving her tennis skills.

9. The students agree with their teacher that participating in extracurricular activities helps develop various skills.

10. He agrees with his friends that watching movies with subtitles can improve English language proficiency.