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According to the speaker, what is true about steel frames in skyscrapers?

① Steel frames allow more space for windows.
② Steel frames improve elevator safety.
③ Steel frames make skyscraper walls thicker.
④ Steel frames take up more space in skyscrapers.


Towering skyscrapers are a symbol of modern society. In the late 1800s, new technological developments made very tall buildings possible. One development was steel building technology. Before that, architects were required to create thicker stone walls to support taller buildings. These walls were extremely heavy and allowed less room for windows and light.

After mass production of steel was introduced, architects began to use steel frames to support a building’s weight. Steel was much lighter and stronger than stone, while taking up much less space. At the same time, elevator technology and fire-resistant building materials also helped make skyscrapers possible.

towering 高くそびえる skyscraper 高層建築  symbol 象徴 modern 現代の  society 社会 development 発展、開発 steel 鉄の  architect 建築家 require 要求する create 作り出す  thick 厚い support 支える  extremely 極度に room 空間、余地 mass production 大量生産 introduce 導入する  frame 骨組み take up ~を占める resistant 抵抗力のある material 素材




① 鉄骨の骨組みによって窓のための空間がより可能になる。
② 鉄骨の骨組みによってエレベーターの安全性が改善する。
③ 鉄骨の骨組みによって高層建築の壁は薄くなる。
④ 鉄骨の骨組みは高層建築でより空間を占める。


What is an advantage of visiting Ireland in winter?

① Many art festivals are held at that time.
② Museums are open until late.
③ Sightseeing areas are not crowded.
④ You have a choice of many hotels.


Ireland is a nice place to visit all through the year. The peak months of the tourist season are July and August, but the weather in May, June, and September is usually good as well, and hotels are not busy. Flowers are most beautiful in April and May. In October, many art festivals are held. Winter has its own appeal. You can have fantastic places all to yourself, like the beach at Roses Point near the town of Sligo. Although it gets dark early and some museums and attractions are closed, as are many hotels, this quiet season is most relaxing for some visitors.

as well 同様に  appeal 魅力 fantastic 幻想的な relaxing くつろぐような adventage 長所、利点



① そのときに多くの芸術祭が開催される。
② 博物館が遅くまで開館している。
③ 観光地が込み合っていない。
④ 多くのホテルから選ぶことができる。


Which request for assistance requires students to visit the ISSC?

① Finding places to live.
② Getting food and diet advice.
③ Looking for a temporary job.
④ Receiving health and medical care.


You have reached ISSC, the International Student Support Center. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. Stay on the line for recorded help messages. Press one for dining services and assistance for students with special dietary needs; press two for dormitory or apartment rentals; press three for Internet and telephone connections; press four for library and bookstore locations. Students with questions about part-time work on campus should call to make an appointment to see our staff at the center. In the case of a medical emergency or illness, dial 911 or go directly to the clinic. Thank you for calling.

assistance 手助け  dietary 食事の dormitory 学生寮  connection 接続 location 位置 appointment (人と会う)約束 in the case of ~の場合に medical emergency 救急 directly 直接  clininc 医院



① 住む場所を見つけること。
② 食べ物や食事の助言を得ること。
③ 一時的な仕事を探すこと。
④ 保健医療の世話を受けること。


問23 What does the speaker explain about aloha shirts?

① They are too colorful and unsophisticated for work in Hawaii.
② They belong to a distinct ethnic group on the islands.
③ They combine cultural influences from several countries.
④ They have images from popular movies and artwork.

問24 Why did aloha shirts spread to the mainland United States?

① They became cheaper and more colorful.
② They reflected the dreams of many Americans.
③ They replaced clothing for business people.
④ They were comfortable for workers.

問25 According to the speaker, what is true about aloha shirts?

① Many of the early shirts were designed in China.
② Many of the oldest shirts have been lost.
③ The shirts have become more casual in Hawaii.
④ The shirts have become more formal worldwide.

問23 正解
問24 正解
問25 正解

What can a colorful, casual shirt tell you about a culture? If it’s an aloha shirt from Hawaii, quite a bit. Alohas show island life in the same way that films, maps, and paintings do. They are as diverse as the islands they come from.

These shirts are said to have begun as simple clothing worn by plantation workers from the Philippines. Then, in the 1930s, a local Chinese merchant made some with leftover Japanese kimono cloth. Eventually, tropical Polynesian images were added and aloha shirts were born. They represent the mix of peoples in Hawaii.

Although some people thought Hawaiian shirts were cheap-looking, alohas became very popular. In the 1950s, air travel from the mainland became cheaper, the standard of living in America was improving, and people wanted clothes as bright and flashy as their hopes for the future. Pop stars and presidents alike put on alohas and a trend took off. Outside Hawaii, the aloha symbolized fun times, but back on the islands, aloha shirts were acceptable in place of a suit and tie.

Hawaiians take pride in their culture, especially aloha shirts. Unfortunately, not many of the earliest alohas have survived; these can sell for thousands of dollars. Whether inexpensive or high-priced, these comfortable shirts show the world a snapshot of Hawaiian life.

quite a bit とても多く  diverse 多様な plantation プランテーション local 地元の  merchant 承認 leftover 残り物  eventually やがて represent ~を表す  mainland 本土 standard 水準  flashy 派手な alike 一様に  in place of ~に代わって take pride 誇りに思う  especially 特に  unfortunately 残念ながら survive 生き残る whether ~ or … ~だろうと…だろうと comfortable 快適な





問23 話者はアロハシャツについてどう説明しているか。

① それらはハワイで仕事をするにはカラフルすぎて洗練されていない。
② それらは島の独特な民族集団に所属している。
③ それらは複数の国々の文化的影響を合わせたものだ。
④ それらは有名な映画と芸術品から来たイメージを持っている。

問24 なぜアロハシャツはアメリカ本土に広がったか。

① それらは安くなりよりカラフルになった。
② それらは多くのアメリカ人の夢を反映していた。
③ それらはビジネスマンの衣服にとって代わった。
④ それらは労働者にとって快適だった。

問25 話者によると、アロハシャツについて正しいものはどれか。

① 初期のシャツの多くは中国でデザインされた。
② 最も古いシャツの多くは失われた。
③ シャツはハワイでよりカジュアルになってきている。
④ シャツは世界中でより正装になってきている。


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