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Which is true of Bhutanese men’s clothing?

① It has many pockets to hold personal items.
② It is long enough to cover the legs entirely.
③ There are some restrictions on designs and colors.
④ Traditional shoes are usually red or yellow.


In Bhutan, an Asian country, men’s fashion is quite unique. The traditional clothing for a man is a knee-length, kimono-like costume. It is tied around his waist with a cloth belt so that a large pocket is made, and in the pocket, he carries personal items like a wallet and a cellphone. Although traditional footwear exists, modern men often wear leather shoes, running shoes, or hiking boots. An interesting point is that there are some rules concerning men’s clothes. For example, men are not allowed to wear flowered patterns and only monks wear red and yellow.

Bhutan ブータン  quite 非常に unique 独特な  knee ひざ length 長さ  costume 衣装 tie 結ぶ  waist 腰 so that ~するように personal 個人的な  item 品物 footwear 履物  exist 存在する modern 現代の  leather 皮の concerning ~に関して allow 許す  pattern 柄 monk 僧侶  entirely 全体に restriction 制限



① 個人的な物を入れるのにたくさんのポケットがある。
② それは十分に長いので足全体を覆う。
③ デザインや色にいくつか制限がある。
④ 伝統的な靴は普通は赤か黄色である。


According to the speaker, which items should go into the same bag?

① Bread + Meat
② Bread + Shampoo
③ Cans + Mouthwash
④ Meat + Mouthwash


At the supermarket, if you need to pack your groceries in two shopping bags, here is some helpful advice. In one bag, before packing fragile items like bread and eggs, put heavy items, like cans, in the center of the bag and put boxes around them. In the other bag, before packing food items, pack household cleaners and personal cleaning items, like mouthwash and shampoo, in separate small bags, so they don’t leak into the food. Into this second shopping bag, put meat items and frozen foods together, so that the meat can stay fresh until you get home.

pack 詰める grocery 食料品 helpful 役に立つ fragile もろい separate 別の leak 漏れる so that その結果~



① パンと肉
② パンとシャンプー
③ 缶とマウスウォッシュ
④ 肉とマウスウォッシュ


What might some new evidence show about the earliest settlers in North America?

① They crossed a land bridge to Europe.
② They reached America by way of Asia.
③ They sailed to America from Europe.
④ They traveled to Asia from America.


It has been generally thought that the first people to go to North America came from Asia over a bridge of land across the Bering Sea about 15,000 years ago. Proof of their existence was found in tools discovered in Alaska. However, some new evidence may show that another group of people, who lived in Spain and France, came to North America 20,000 years ago and settled farther south. Researchers have discovered tools in the southeastern United States which are very different from those found in the north. They have suggested that these people traveled to America by boat and lived on the east coast.

generally 広く  across ~を横切って proof 証拠  existence 存在 discover 発見する  evidence 証拠 settle 定住する  farther さらに遠くの reseacher 研究者  suggest 示唆する travel 移動する  boat 小舟 coast 海岸  cross 横切る land 陸の  reach 到達する by way of ~を経由して sail 航海する



① 彼らはヨーロッパへの陸の橋を渡った。
② 彼らはアジアを経由してアメリカに到達した。
③ 彼らはヨーロッパからアメリカへ航海した。
④ 彼らはアメリカからアジアへ移動した。


問23 What is one of the requirements for the Caldecott Medal candidates?

① They should be approved by parents.
② They should be written by international writers.
③ They should have original artwork.
④ They should have reasonable prices.

問24 How many final candidates are there for the Caldecott Medal each year?

① 1
② 7
③ 15
④ 76

問25 What is this passage mainly about?

① Advice for children’s book illustrators.
② An award for children’s books.
③ Famous writers of children’s books.
④ Suggestions for children’s book writers.

問23 正解
問24 正解
問25 正解

Because video games, television, and the Internet have become increasingly popular in recent years, children seem to be reading fewer books. Parents want to find a way to interest their children in good books, but how can they do this effectively?

A useful way for parents to choose books for their children is to look for those with the Caldecott Medal displayed on their covers. This prize, which will be 76 years old this year, was first awarded in 1938. In order for books to receive the Caldecott Medal, they have to meet some standards: they must be published in English by writers living in the United States; they must contain artwork that has not appeared before; and the stories should have appropriate themes for children. They should also be written at a level that children can easily understand.

Award winners are chosen by a committee of 15 members. Every year, publishers send the committee hundreds of books to review. Each month, committee members are asked to choose a number of strong candidates, and in the autumn, seven books are officially selected. Only one of these books will win the Caldecott Medal, but some of the other books may receive a different prize called the Caldecott Honor.

increasingly ますます recent 最近の seem to ~のようだ interest 興味を持たせる effectively 効果的に useful 役に立つ display 表示する cover 表紙 prize 賞 award 賞を与える in order to ~するために standard 基準 publish 出版する contain 含む artwork 挿絵 appear 現れる appropriate 適切な theme 主題 committee 委員会 publisher 出版社 candidate 候補 autumn 秋 officially 公式に select 選ぶ approve 認める reasonable 手ごろな




問23 カルデコット・メダルの候補に要求されるものの一つは何か。

① それらは親によって認められなければならない。
② それらは国際的な作家によって書かれなければならない。
③ それらにはオリジナルな挿絵がなければならない。
④ それらは手ごろな値段でなければならない。

問24 毎年カルデコット・メダルにはいくつの最終候補があるか。

① 1冊
② 7冊
③ 15冊
④ 76冊

問25 この文章は主に何についてのものであるか。

① 子ども向け本のイラストレーターへの助言。
② 子ども向け本の賞。
③ 子ども向け本の有名な作家。
④ 子ども向け本の作家への提案。


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