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According to the speaker, what is the order of presents for the anniversaries listed?

・・3rd・ 6th・ 12th・ 60th
① Leather Silk Sugar Diamonds
② Leather Sugar Silk Diamonds
③ Sugar Leather Silk Silver
④ Sugar Silk Leather Silver


In some countries, silver gifts are given for 25th wedding anniversaries and gold gifts for 50th anniversaries. But in the United Kingdom, there are also some traditional gifts given to celebrate other anniversaries. Perhaps people are not so familiar with them. For example, for 3rd anniversaries, leather gifts are usually given. Three years later, gifts containing sugar are appropriate. Six years after that, something made of silk is the expected gift. Some might be surprised to find out that diamonds are given not only for engagements, but also for 60th anniversaries.

silver 銀の  gift 贈り物 anniversary 記念日  gold 金の United Kingdom イギリス celebrate 祝う  perhaps おそらく familiar with ~になじみがある leather 皮革の  contain ~を含む appropriate 適切な  silk 絹の expected 期待される、予想される find out 気づく、知る not only ~ but also … ~だけでなく…もまた



① 皮革 絹 砂糖 ダイヤモンド
② 皮革 砂糖 絹 ダイヤモンド
③ 砂糖 皮革 絹 銀
④ 砂糖 絹 皮革 銀


Which of the following does the hotel have?

① An Italian restaurant on the second floor.
② Japanese-style rooms.
③ Rooms with a view of the sunrise.
④ Two swimming pools.


Welcome to The Ocean Hotel. Our rooms are decorated in traditional French style, but you can use the latest technology, for example, wireless Internet. Every room offers a splendid ocean view, so you can see the sunset. Our hotel has Chinese, Japanese, and Italian restaurants on the top floor and three coffee shops on the first and second floors, so you can enjoy Asian and Western dishes. In front of the hotel we have an outdoor swimming pool next to the beach, and you can also enjoy an indoor swimming pool and an exercise room.

decorate 装飾する  style 様式 latest 最新の  wireless 無線の offer 提供する  splendid 素晴らしい sunset 日没  floor 階 in front of ~の前に  outdoor 屋外の next to ~の隣に



① 2階のイタリア料理レストラン。
② 日本様式の部屋。
③ 日の出の景色が見える部屋。
④ 2つの水泳プール。


What is common to the feature found on both flags?

① The color.
② The meaning.
③ The position.
④ The shape.


Palau is a country in the Pacific. It became an independent republic on October 1,1994. Palau’s flag is similar to Japan’s because it features a single circle. However, the circle is yellow, and the background is blue. Blue is used to represent the ocean, which the nation depends on for food. Unlike the Japanese flag, the circle on Palau’s flag is a little off-center. Instead of the sun, as on the Japanese flag, the circle represents the moon, which is traditionally thought to be important in the life cycle and customs of the people.

Palau パラオ  the Pacific 太平洋 independent 独立した republic 共和国  flag 旗 similar to ~に似ている feature ~の特徴をもつ circle 円  background 背景 represent ~を表す  ocean 大洋 nation 国民  depend on ~に頼る unlike ~と違って off-center 中心から離れて instead of ~の代わりに as ~のように life cycle ライフサイクル custom 習慣  common 共通して



① 色。
② 意味。
③ 位置。
④ 形。


問23 Why was Helen Keller first invited to Japan?

① To establish schools for the disabled.
② To give lectures across Japan.
③ To learn about Japanese culture.
④ To meet Ichiro Ogasawara.

問24 Why did Helen Keller want an Akita dog?

① Because she wanted a dog with soft fur.
② Because she wanted a faithful dog like Hachiko.
③ Because she wanted a gentle dog for her friend.
④ Because she wanted a guide dog to tour Japan.

問25 Which of the following is mentioned about Kami?

① He was a guard dog in the United States.
② He was a trained police dog in Japan.
③ He was named by Ichiro Ogasawara.
④ He was the first Akita dog in the United States.

問23 正解
問24 正解
問25 正解

Helen Keller, admired for her work on behalf of people with disabilities, visited Japan three times. She was unable to see or hear, but she was impressed with the kindness of the Japanese people and developed an appreciation of Japan and its culture.

She first came to Japan in 1937, when she was invited by the Japanese government to make a lecture tour throughout the country. While she was here, she was moved by the story about the faithful Akita dog, Hachiko, and wondered if she could have such a dog. Ichiro Ogasawara, a police officer in Akita City, kindly gave her one of his own puppies. She named this dog Kami.

She took Kami home with her, which made Kami the first Akita dog to go to the United States. In a letter to a friend, she called Kami an “angel in fur” and said that he was especially gentle and devoted. She loved this dog so much that she asked for another Akita dog, which was sent to her in 1939. This dog was Kami’s brother, and she called him Go-Go. Helen Keller’s dogs received a lot of attention in the United States, which helped to introduce Akita dogs as popular pets for Americans.

admire 称賛する on behalf of ~を代表して disability 障害 be unable to ~できない impressed 感銘を受けて kindness 親切  appreciation 高い評価 goverment 政府  lecture 講義 tour 旅行  throughout ~じゅう moved 感動して  faithful 忠実な wonder if ~かと思う police officer 警察官 kindly 快く  puppy 子犬 ask for ~を求める fur 毛皮  especially 特に gentle 優しい  devoted 献身的な send 送る  receive ~を受ける attention 注目 introduce ~を導入する establish 設立する the disabled 障害者 across ~を横断して soft 柔らかい  guide dog 盲導犬 mention 述べる  guard dog 番犬 police dog 警察犬




問23 ヘレン・ケラーが初めて日本に招待されたのはなぜか。

① 障害者のための学校を設立するため。
② 日本中で講義をするため。
③ 日本の文化を学ぶため。
④ 小笠原一郎に会うため。

問24 なぜヘレン・ケラーは秋田犬を欲しがったか。

① 彼女は柔らかい毛を持つイヌが欲しかったから。
② 彼女はハチ公のように忠実なイヌが欲しかったから。
③ 彼女は彼女の友達のために優しい犬が欲しかったから。
④ 彼女は日本を旅して回るために盲導犬が欲しかったから。

問25 カミについて述べられていることは以下のうちどれか。

① 彼はアメリカで番犬になった。
② 彼は日本で訓練された警察犬であった。
③ 彼は小笠原一郎によって名づけられた。
④ 彼はアメリカで初めての秋田犬となった。


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