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According to the speaker, what is the order of steps for successful gardening?

① Cutting → Planting → Watering → Selecting
② Cutting → Watering → Planting → Selecting
③ Selecting → Cutting → Planting → Watering
④ Selecting → Planting → Watering → Cutting


If you want a garden, but not much sunlight is available, today’s program is for you! To make a garden in the shade successfully, expert gardeners recommend the following steps. By cutting branches of nearby trees, you can ensure that the plants receive some light. Next, by placing plants far apart from each other or away from walls, you can make sure that they get enough fresh air.

Then, by watering them regularly, you can ensure that they get enough moisture to grow. However, before doing all of these steps, remember to select plants in your favorite colors and shapes.

garden 庭  sunlight 日光 available 利用可能な  program 番組 shade 陰  successfully 上手に expert 熟練の  gardener 園芸家 recommend おすすめする following 以下の  step 手順 branch 枝  nearby 近くの ensure 確実にする  receive 受ける place 置く  far 遠く apart from ~から離れて away from ~から離れて make sure 確認する  fresh 新鮮な water 水をやる  regularly 定期的に moisture 湿気 remember to 忘れずに~する select 選ぶ  shape 形 order 順番  plant 植える




① 切る→植える→水をやる→選ぶ
② 切る→水をやる→植える→選ぶ
③ 選ぶ→切る→植える→水をやる
④ 選ぶ→植える→水をやる→切る


Which statement about the student orientation is correct?

① Students should pick up their ID cards in the Student Center.
② Students should return to the Administration Building.
③ The gym orientation will be held in Room 105.
④ The library tour will start at 1:00.


I have an announcement about our orientation schedule. Please look at your handout. There are some changes to our schedule today. Please make sure that you follow this new timetable. First, the starting time for the library tour has been changed from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Second, the introduction on how to use the gym has been moved from Room 101 to 105. Also, do not forget to pick up your student ID card in the Administration Building by 4 p.m. Finally, please come back here to the Student Center by 5 p.m.

announcement お知らせ handout プリント make sure 確認する follow 従う timetabel 時間表 introduction 紹介、導入 gym 体育館 pick up 受け取る the Administration Building 管理棟 statement 記述 correct 正しい



① 生徒は生徒センターで彼らのIDカードを受け取らなければならない。
② 生徒は管理棟に戻らなければならない。
③ 体育館のオリエンテーションは105号室で行われる。
④ 図書館ツアーは1時に始まる。


According to the speaker, how was the attack prevented?

① Laura discussed her plans with the American soldiers.
② Laura discussed her plans with the British soldiers.
③ Laura told the Americans what the British were planning.
④ Laura told the British what the Americans were planning.


“The walls have ears” is a warning given to those who are talking about sensitive things, because one never knows who might be listening. One version of a story from Canadian history illustrates this phrase well. During the War of 1812, a Canadian woman named Laura Secord is said to have heard American soldiers planning to attack the British army camp. She walked 32 kilometers to warn the British of the approaching attack, and it was prevented. If the American soldiers had not discussed their plans aloud, they might have won their battle, and the outcome of the war would have been quite different.

warning 警告 sensitive 繊細な、人に言えないような version 説明  illustrate ~を説明する phrase 慣用句  during ~の間 attack 攻撃する army camp (軍隊の)駐屯地 warn ~に警告する approaching 間近に迫った prevent 妨げる  discuss 議論する aloud 声に出して  outcome 結果 quite 非常に according to ~によると



① ローラがアメリカ兵と彼女の計画を議論した。
② ローラがイギリス兵士と彼女を計画を議論した。
③ ローラがアメリカ人にイギリス人が何を計画しているかを教えた。
④ ローラがイギリス人にアメリカ人が何を計画しているかを教えた。


問23 What is true about Kazuo Ishiguro’s life?

① He returned to Japan for a visit as an adult.
② He returned to Nagasaki when he was five years old.
③ He spoke English both at home and at school.
④ He was named one of Japan’s 50 greatest writers.

問24 What is true of Ishiguro’s first two novels?

① They were awarded prizes in Japan.
② They were set in Japan.
③ They were written in Japan.
④ They were written in Japanese.

問25 How does Ishiguro feel about his cultural background?

① He feels more British than Japanese.
② He feels more Japanese than British.
③ He feels that it has had a negative influence.
④ He feels that it has had a positive influence.

問23 正解
問24 正解
問25 正解

Do you know the British writer Kazuo Ishiguro? One of England’s most prestigious newspapers, The Times, has named Ishiguro one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki, but moved with his Japanese parents to England when he was just five years old. He grew up speaking Japanese at home and speaking English at school and in his neighborhood. He did not return to Japan for a visit until he was 35 years old, so his knowledge of Japan and Japanese customs came from his parents, as well as from books and movies.

Ishiguro, who writes only in English, set his first two novels in Japan. Both books became best-sellers and won British literary prizes. His later novels have been set in England, but Ishiguro has said that he brings a Japanese way of thinking to his writing. Ishiguro says that he doesn’t feel completely Japanese or completely British and that this has had a good influence on his life. As the world is becoming smaller and more and more people live in multicultural societies, writers like Kazuo Ishiguro are bringing the world’s readers together in understanding each other’s cultures.

writer 作家 one of ~の一つ prestigious 名声のある name 指名する neighborhood 近隣 return to ~に戻る visit 訪問 until ~まで knowledge 知識 custom 習慣 as well as ~だけでなく novel 小説 both 両方の best-seller ベストセラー win a prize 賞をとる literary 文学の set ~を設定する、舞台にする bring 持ってくる completely 完全に influence 影響 multicultural society 多文化社会 bring together まとめる background 背景

イギリスの作家、カズオ・イシグロを知っていますか? イギリスでもっとも名声のある新聞の一つ、ザ・タイムズは1945年以来の50人の最も偉大なイギリス人作家の一人としてイシグロを挙げています。



問23 カズオ・イシグロの人生については正しいものはどれか。

① 彼は大人のときに訪問のために日本に戻った。
② 彼は5歳のときに長崎に戻った。
③ 彼は家と学校の両方で英語を話した。
④ 彼は日本の50人の最も偉大な作家の一人に挙げられた。

問24 イシグロの最初の2つの小説について当てはまるものはどれか。

① それらは日本で賞をとった。
② それらは日本を舞台にした。
③ それらは日本で書かれた。
④ それらは日本語で書かれた。

問25 イシグロは自分の文化的背景についてどう感じているか。

① 彼は日本人よりイギリス人であると感じている。
② 彼はイギリス人より日本人であると感じている。
③ 彼はそれが否定的な影響を与えたと感じている。
④ 彼はそれが肯定的な影響を与えたと感じている。


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