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問20 Why did the speaker feel excited on the train?

① She had decided to become a professional athlete.
② She had planned to meet Ken in Australia.
③ She had received a full scholarship.
④ She had reserved her ticket to the US.

問21 What is true about Ken?

① He could speak English before he went to America.
② He has friends from many different countries.
③ He is the speaker’s college classmate.
④ He was a professional golfer in Japan.

問22 How was the speaker inspired by Ken?

① She became determined to pay for her trip.
② She decided to make friends before going overseas.
③ She felt optimistic about her athletic ability.
④ She gained confidence about going abroad.

問20 正解
問21 正解
問22 正解

I was on the train heading home feeling really excited, but at the same time pretty anxious. I had just heard that I had been selected to study sports science at an Australian university. My scholarship included everything―airfare, school fees, rent, and spending money. I was happy because I’d worked so hard to make this happen. But I started to get a little scared. Could I live in another countiy for a whole year?

Then by chance, I met my best friend from high school. I hadn’t seen Ken for ages, but I always wondered about him. It turned out that he’d been in the US for the past two years trying to become a professional golfer, and he’d just played in his first pro tournament. He told me that it was pretty tough at first because he couldn’t speak English at all, and he didn’t have any friends there. Now, he’s not only a pro golfer, but also a fluent English speaker with friends from all over the world. Ken’s dream had come true. That really inspired me, and I’m ready for my own adventure now. I’m still kind of nervous, but I know I can do it.

head 向かう anxious 不安な select 選ぶ  scholarship 奨学金 include 含む  airfare 航空料金 school fee 学費  rent 賃貸 happen 起こる  scared 怖がる whole 全体の  by chance 偶然に for ages 長い間  wonder 思う turn out ~ということが分かる past 過去の  pretty 非常に tough 困難な  at first 初めは not ~ at all まったく~ない not only ~ but also … ~だけでなく… fluent 流ちょうな come true 実現する inspire 刺激する ready for ~の準備ができている kind of いくぶん、やや nervous 緊張して plan to ~する計画をする  full 十分な reserve 予約する  determine 決心する oversea 海外  optimistic 楽観的な athletic ability 運動能力 gain 得る、増す confidence 自信



問20 なぜ話者は電車でわくわくしていたのか。

① 彼女はプロの運動選手になることを決心した。
② 彼女はオーストラリアでケンに会う計画をした。
③ 彼女は十分な奨学金を受け取った。
④ 彼女はアメリカへの航空券を予約した。

問21 ケンについて正しいものはどれか。

① 彼はアメリカに行く前に英語を話すことができた。
② 彼は多くの様々な国々の友達がいた。
③ 彼は話者の大学の同級生である。
④ 彼は日本でプロのゴルフ選手だった。

問22 話者はどのようにケンに刺激を与えられたか。

① 彼女は旅費を支払う決心をするようになった。
② 彼女は海外に行く前に友達を作る決心をした。
③ 彼女は自分の運動能力に楽観的になった。
④ 彼女は外国に行くことに自信を得た。


英語の授業で, Shoji, Kyoko, Yukariが3週間の理想の旅行について話し合っています。

問23 What does Kyoko want to do?

① Go to many cities in one European country.
② Go to many European countries.
③ Travel around Europe by boat.
④ Travel around Europe by plane.

問24 What do Shoji and Yukari both want to do?

① Go to beaches.
② See historical sites.
③ Travel by train.
④ Visit several countries.

問25 What do all the speakers say they want to do?

① Enjoy the food.
② Meet the people.
③ View the architecture.
④ Visit the museums.

問23 正解
問24 正解
問25 正解

Shoji: Let’s talk about where we’d go if we could take a 3-week trip anywhere in the world. Any ideas, Kyoko?
Kyoko: Well, it’s hard to decide. Hmm. I know. I can imagine myself visiting Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, having dinner in Paris, and riding a gondola in Venice. Yeah, my dream is to travel all across Europe. I know you can buy a train pass that lets you go almost anywhere. You can see all the famous museums and eat a lot of really good food in each country. What do you think, Shoji?
Shoji: Well Kyoko, I agree that it’d be nice to travel everywhere like that, but most of your time would be spent on trains! That’s a waste of time. I wouldn’t want to spend my three weeks doing that. I’d rather stay in just one country, like Italy, instead. I want to be an architect someday, so it’d be great to go sightseeing in cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. I also want to go to the beach. I’ve heard that Italian beaches are really beautiful. And I’m crazy about Italian food, so I wouldn’t mind eating that every day. It’s definitely better to stay in one country. Right, Yukari?
Yukari: Well, I don’t think traveling around by train is necessarily a waste of time. You might meet interesting people, and I think it would be fun to see a lot of different places. However, in my opinion, I don’t think three weeks is long enough for a trip to Europe. I’d rather go somewhere closer. My idea of a great vacation would be swimming with tropical fish, relaxing on a beach, and trying the tasty local dishes. So I’d probably want to go somewhere in Asia.

anywhere どこか(の場所)、どこでも gondola (川を下る)船 Venice ヴェニス pass 乗車券 everywhere あらゆる場所 waste 無駄 would rather むしろ~したい instead 代わりに architect 建築家 someday いつか crazy about ~に熱狂して definitely 間違いなく not necessarily 必ずしも~ではない opinion 意見 tropical fish 熱帯魚 relax くつろぐ、リラックスする tasty おいしい local 地元の probably おそらく historical site 史跡 architecture 建築


問23 キョウコがしたいことは何か。

① 一つのヨーロッパの国の多くの都市に行く。
② 多くのヨーロッパの国々に行く。
③ 船でヨーロッパ中を旅行する。
④ 飛行機でヨーロッパ中を旅行する。

問24 ショウジとユカリの二人がしたいことは何か。

① 海岸に行く。
② 史跡を見る。
③ 電車で旅行する。
④ いくつかの国々を訪れる。

問25 話者全員がしたいと言っていることは何か。

① 食べ物を楽しむ。
② 人々に会う。
③ 建築を見る。
④ 美術館を訪れる。



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