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問20 Why was it important for the girl to know how to ride a bicycle?

① So that her friends would not make fun of her
② So that her parents could buy her a bicycle
③ So that she could go on rides with her brothers
④ So that she could ride her bicycle to school

問21 What made Brad and Marc laugh?

① Their sister ran into the garage.
② Their sister told a joke.
③ Their sister was pedaling slowly.
④ Their sister was spinning around.

問22 What did the girl learn through this childhood experience?

① To be tough and to keep on going
② To find the humor in bad situations
③ To support her older brothers
④ To work hard and have fun

問20 正解 ①
問21 正解 ①
問22 正解 ①

I sat nervously on my bicycle. My brothers Brad and Marc were holding on to the handlebars and seat on both sides. I gripped the handles. This was my first time riding without the training wheels. I was scared but ready. My friends could no longer tease me for not being able to ride a bicycle. My brothers assured me that they would not let go. They both shouted, “Ready, set . . .” and smiled at each other. At that moment, I realized that they had a plan. They shouted, “Go!” and pushed me forward. Then suddenly, they let go of the bicycle. I screamed. I was pedaling hard but had no control. In horror, I saw our neighbor’s garage up ahead and closed my eyes tightly. Crash! I hit the garage. I found myself on the ground with my head spinning. I was confused but unhurt. My brothers ran to me and helped me up, but they were laughing so hard that they were in tears. I was also in tears, but not because I thought it was funny. Growing up as the only girl with two older brothers was hard, but this experience taught me to be strong and not to give up.

nervously 緊張して hold on to ~をつかむ handlebar ハンドル  seat シート both sides 両方の側 training wheels 補助輪 scared 怖がる ready 準備ができている no longer もはや~ない tease からかう not being able to ~できない assure 断言する let go つかむ  shout 叫ぶ moment 瞬間  realize 気づく plan 計画  forward 前方へ suddenly 突然  let go of ~を離す scream 悲鳴を上げる pedal ペダルを踏む have no control コントロールを失う in horror 恐ろしさのあまり ahead 前方の  tightly きつく hit ぶつかる find ~ … ~が…だとわかる with ~ … ~が…しながら spinning くらくらして confused 混乱して  unhurt 無傷の so ~ that … あまりに~なので… in tears 涙を流して funny おかしな  grow up 育つ experience 経験  give up あきらめる so that ~するように go on rides 自転車で出かける run into ~に衝突する spin around 空回りする keep on ~し続ける humor ユーモア have fun 楽しむ


問20 女の子にとって自転車の乗り方を知ることが大事だったのはなぜか。

① 彼女の友達が彼女をからかわないようにするため
② 彼女の両親が彼女に自転車買ってあげられるようにするため
③ 彼女が兄弟と一緒に自転車で出かけられるようにするため
④ 彼女が学校へ自転車で行くことができるようにするため

問21 どうしてブラッドとマークは笑ったのか。(何がブラッドとマークを笑わせたか)

① 彼らの妹がガレージに衝突した。
② 彼らの妹が冗談を言った。
③ 彼らの妹がゆっくりとペダルを踏んだ。
④ 彼らの妹が空回りした。

問22 女の子が子供時代の経験を通じて何を学んだか。

① 強くなり、進み続けること
② ひどい状況でもユーモアを見つけること
③ 兄たちを支えること
④ 一生懸命に取り組み楽しむこと


Ken, Nicholas, Janetが,新しく飼う犬をどのように探せば良いのか話し合いをしています。

問23 According to Janet, what is the main reason for adopting dogs?

① Shelter dogs need a health check.
② Shelter dogs need a loving home.
③ Shelter dogs need to be given up.
④ Shelter dogs need to be trained.

問24 Which of these concerns does Nicholas have with shelter dogs?

① They might be too young.
② They might be unwanted.
③ They might have been abandoned.
④ They might have behavioral problems.

問25 What is the result of this conversation?

① Nicholas will get a young dog from the pet shop.
② Nicholas will get an older dog from the shelter.
③ They will all visit the animal shelter.
④ They will all visit the pet shop downtown.

問23 正解 ②
問24 正解 ④
問25 正解 ③

Ken : Hi, Nicholas. How are you?
Nicholas : Hey, Ken, I’m good. I was just telling Janet that I’m thinking about getting a new pet―a dog―and she was giving me some advice. She thinks I should go to the animal shelter . . ., you know, the place where they take animals that are wild or are not wanted. Right, Janet?
Janet : Yeah. I think Nicholas should adopt one of the dogs from the shelter. They are usually given away. And most importantly, all the dogs need a new home and family to love them. But I’m not sure that Nicholas thinks it’s a good idea.
Nicholas : Well, Janet, I think it’s a kind thing to do, but if I get one from the pet store I can be sure that it’s healthy. I also worry that shelter dogs might have some kind of problem. They might bite people or bark too much. What do you think, Ken?
Ken : Yeah, I agree. That might be why they were abandoned.
Janet : Not necessarily, guys. I think many dogs in shelters are well-trained, but unfortunately had to be given up because their families had to move to places that don’t allow pets.
Nicholas : Right. But many of the dogs at the shelter are older, and I want a puppy. They’re really cute when they’re young.
Ken : Well, you might have a better chance of getting a puppy at a pet store, but sometimes there are unwanted puppies taken to shelters as well. And the shelter will make sure that the dogs they give away are in good health.
Janet : Yeah, and dogs can also be quite expensive in pet shops. Why don’t we all go to the shelter downtown after school today and take a look? What do you think, guys?
Ken : Yeah!
Nicholas : Sure, I guess we could.

animal shelter 動物保護施設 wild 野生の adopt (養子として)引き受ける、引き取る give away (無料で)与える sure that ~だと確信する bite 噛む  bark 吠える that is why そういうわけで abandon 捨てる not necessarily 必ずしも~ではない trained 訓練された unfortunately 残念ながら move to ~へ引っ越す allow ~を許す puppy 子犬 pet store ペットショップ unwanted 必要とされない as well 同様に make sure 確認する  quite 非常に Why don’t we ~ ~しませんか downtown 郊外の  take a look 見る main 主な  health check 健康診断 loving 愛情のある  concern 心配 behavioral 行動の  result 結果 conversation 会話


問23 ジャネットによれば、動物を引き取る主な理由は何か。

① 保護施設のイヌは健康診断を必要としている。
② 保護施設のイヌは愛情のある家を必要としている。
③ 保護施設のイヌは諦められることを必要としている。
④ 保護施設のイヌは訓練されることを必要としている。

問24 ニコラスが保護施設のイヌについて、これらのうちどの心配をしているか。

① 彼らは幼すぎるかもしれない。
② 彼らは必要とされていないかもしれない。
③ 彼らは捨てられたのかもしれない。
④ 彼らは行動に問題があるかもしれない。

問25 この会話の結論は何か。

① ニコラスはペットショップで幼い犬を手に入れるだろう。
② ニコラスは保護施設で歳をとったイヌを手に入れるだろう。
③ 彼らはみな、動物保護施設に訪れるだろう。
④ 彼らはみな、郊外のペットショップに訪れるだろう。


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