English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2012 DAY 1

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These tests are the ones that have been adopted as entrance exams for Japanese national universities.

Part 1


How many adults are there in the man’s group?

1. Two.
2. Three.
3. Four.
4. Five.

M: I don’t have a reservation, but can I get a table for five?
W: Any children?
M: Yes, two.
W: We have a table for four, but we have chairs for children.



What will the man look like?

W: You’re going to the Halloween party as a superhero?
M: Yeah, I finished making my mask.
W: Does it cover your whole head?
M: No, but I did get long boots and gloves.



Which girl in the picture are they talking about?

W: Hey. Look at this old picture of my sister on a band trip.
M: Oh, where is she?
W: She’s in front of the bus.
M: She looks great in stripes with her baton.



How does the man feel about his result in the last competition?

1. He is confused.
2. He is disappointed.
3. He is relieved.
4. He is satisfied.

W: Are you training for tomorrow’s competition?
M: Yeah, I’ve got to do better. Last time I came in second.
W: That’s not so bad.
M: Yes, it is. I want to win this time.



Which bus does the woman suggest they take?

1. The 3:00.
2. The 3:05.
3. The 3:20.
4. The 3:25.

M: Hurry up! It’s three o’clock. We’ll miss the bus.
W: When’s it coming?
M: In five minutes.
W: We can’t make it, but the bus comes every twenty minutes.



Where will the man and the woman meet?

M: Hello, Linda. Where are you? I’m at the station.
W: Me too. I’m at the newsstand inside by the North Exit.
M: I’m at the one outside.
W: OK. I’ll meet you there.


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