English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2013 DAY 1

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These tests are the ones that have been adopted as entrance exams for Japanese national universities.

Part 1


Which is Sally’s house?

M: Did Sally buy a house?
W: Yes, it’s a two-story one.
M: Is it nice?
W: Yeah, it has a big garage and also solar panels on the roof.

Answer: 4.


On what day does the conversation take place?

1. Wednesday
2. Thursday
3. Friday
4. Saturday

M: When do you leave for Spain?
W: The day after tomorrow.
M: Oh, on Friday?
W: Yeah, but I’m going to the airport hotel tomorrow because my flight is very early.

Answer: 1.


Which bag did the man choose?

W: You wanted a new bag, right? How about this slim one?
M: Actually, I want something larger for business trips.
W: Look at this. It’s a backpack, too.
M: Great. I’ll get it!

Answer: 2.


Which is the current score?

1. 1-2
2. 2-3
3. 2-4
4. 3-4

W: How’s the soccer game going?
M: Well, the Bears have two goals, but they’re behind.
W: There’re 14 minutes left. They still have a chance.
M: Yeah, two more goals to win the game!

Answer: 2.


Which postcard are they looking at?

W: Do you know when the lecture is?
M: Here’s the postcard. Oh, there’s ink spilled over the time.
W: Can you still read the phone number?
M: Uh-huh. I’ll call and ask.

Answer: 1.


How much will they pay for the shoes?

1. 40 dollars
2. 50 dollars
3. 60 dollars
4. 80 dollars

M: Look! Forty dollars a pair for all kids’ shoes.
W: That’s a bit expensive.
M: But there’s a 50 percent discount on the second pair.
W: Oh, in that case, let’s get two pairs.

Answer: 3.

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