English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2014 DAY 2

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These tests are the ones that have been adopted as entrance exams for Japanese national universities.

Part 1


Which boots did the woman choose?

M: Nice boots.
W: Thanks. I almost bought striped ones, but I picked black ones instead.
M: It’s great that they sell short ones too.
W: Yeah, the long ones were too heavy.

Answer: 2.


Why does the man want a new wallet?

1. His wallet is too fat.
2. His wallet is too light.
3. His wallet looks expensive.
4. His wallet looks old.

W: Wow, does that wallet fit in your pocket?
M: Barely. That’s why I need a new one.
W: Is it so thick because you’re rich?
M: No, but I have lots of membership cards.

Answer: 1.


When will they have the graduation party?

1. Tuesday
2. Wednesday
3. Thursday
4. Friday

W: When should we have the graduation party?
M: How about Monday?
W: Well, Ken is away until Thursday.
M: Then let’s have it the day after he gets back.
W: OK.

Answer: 4.


How many answer sheets will there be in total?

1. 45
2. 48
3. 51
4. 53

M: I made 45 copies. Is that enough?
W: You mean answer sheets? We have 48 students.
M: So, I need to print three more, right?
W: Yes. Oh, plus five more just in case.

Answer: 4.


How much did the man get?

1. 20,000 yen
2. 30,000 yen
3. 37,000 yen
4. 63,000 yen

M: How much money did you get for New Year’s?
W: I got 50,000 yen.
M: Wow! That’s 30,000 more than I got. Did you spend it?
W: No, I put it in the bank.

Answer: 1.


Where is the coffee shop?

W: Excuse me, is there a coffee shop nearby?
M: Yes, there’s one straight ahead at the second light.
W: Thanks.
M: Oh, wait. That one’s gone. There’s one a block further down though.

Answer: 1.

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