English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2020 DAY 1

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These tests are the ones that have been adopted as entrance exams for Japanese national universities.

Part 1


Which picture matches the conversation?

Answer: 1

W: Look! What a cute panda!

M: Which one?

W: He’s lying on his stomach like he’s sleeping.

M: Oh, I see him! He’s kind of hidden behind the rocks.


What flight time did the woman choose?

1. 7:30

2. 11:00

3. 14:00

4. 17:00

Answer 3

M: The flight at 7:30 is 15,000 yen.

W: That’s too early.

M: The 11 am and 2 pm flights are both 17,000.

W: It’s a bit more, but … I’ll take the afternoon one.


What do they still need in order to finish the brochure?

1. Only the illustrations

2. The illustrations and recipe

3. The text, photos, and illustrations

4. The text, photos, and recipe

Answer 2

W: Is the brochure ready?

M: We have the text and photos. All we need is Dylan’s illustrations.

W: Will he send them in time?

M: Hopefully. Oh, we also need Pedro’s recipe.


What will the woman do?

1. Ask Jim to come on time

2. Find a place for Jim

3. Open the party room

4. Speak to start the party

Answer 4

M: I’m worried about the opening remarks at the party tomorrow.

W: I heard Jim will do that.

M: He said he’ll be late …. Would you mind taking his place?

W:Not at all.


How many DVDs does the man own?

1. 120

2. 150

3. 200

4. 220

Answer 3

W: You have so many DVDs!

M:I have a hundred here, but it’s only half of my collection.

W: Wow, that’s a lot!

M: Actually, I’m thinking of ordering 20 more.


Which line represents the salmon catch?

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D

Answer 3

M: The salmon catch was lower again in 2018.

W: Yes. It’s been a continuous trend in recent years.

M: Well, not in 2016.

W: Right. That year was an exception.

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