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状況:二人の大学生が,ゲーム(video games)について話しています。

問1 What is Fred’s main point?

① Video games do not improve upper body function.
② Video games do not represent the actual world.
③ Video games encourage a selfish lifestyle.
④ Video games help extend our imagination.

問2 What is Yuki’s main point?

① It’s necessary to distinguish right from wrong in video games.
② It’s wrong to use smartphones to play video games.
③ Players can develop cooperative skills through video games.
④ Players get to act out their animal nature in video games.

問1 正解 ②
問2 正解 ③

Fred: Are you playing those things again on your phone, Yuki?
Yuki: Yeah, what’s wrong with playing video games, Fred?
Fred: Nothing. I know it’s fun; it enhances hand-eye coordination. I get that.
Yuki: Oh, then you’re saying it’s too violent; promotes antisocial behavior ― I’ve heard that before.
Fred: And, not only that, those games divide everything into good and evil. Like humans versus aliens or monsters. The real world is not so black and white.
Yuki: Yeah …. We are killing dragons. But we learn how to build up teamwork with other players online.
Fred: Building up teamwork is different in real life.
Yuki: Maybe. But still, we can learn a lot about how to work together.
Fred: Well, I’ll join you when you have a game that’ll help us finish our homework.

enhance ~を高める coordination 連携 promote 促進する antisocial 反社会的 divide ~ into … ~を…に分ける upper body 上半身 represent ~を表す encourage ~を促す selfish 自己中心的な extend ~を広げる distinguish A from B AとBを区別する act out ~を演じる


問1 フレッドの要点は何か。

① ゲームは上半身の機能を改善しない。
② ゲームは実際の世界を表していない。
③ ゲームは自己中心的な生活様式を促進する。
④ ゲームは私たちの想像力を拡大するのを手助けする

問2 ユキの要点は何か。

① ゲームの正しい点と誤った点を区別する必要がある。
② ゲームをするためにスマートフォンを使うのは間違いだ。
③ プレイヤーはゲームを通じて協力的な技能を発達させることができる。
④ プレイヤーはゲームにおいて彼らの動物性を演じるようになる。


状況:Professor Johnson がゲーム(video games)について講演した後,質疑応答の時間がとられています。司会(moderator)が聴衆からの質問を受け付けています。Bill とKaren が発言します。

問1 四人のうち,ゲームに反対の立場で意見を述べている人を,四つの選択肢(①〜④)のうちからすべて選びなさい。

① Bill
② Karen
③ Moderator
④ Professor Johnson

問2 Professor Johnsonの意見を支持する図を,四つの選択肢(①〜④)のうちから一つ選びなさい。

問1 正解 ①
問2 正解 ④

Moderator: Thank you for your presentation, Professor Johnson. You spoke about how one boy improved his focus and attention through video games.
Professor Johnson: Right. Playing video games can make people less distracted. Furthermore, virtual reality games have been known to have positive effects on mental health.
Moderator: OK. Now it’s time to ask our audience for their comments. Anyone …? Yes, you, sir.
Bill: Hi. I’m Bill. All my friends love video games. But I think they make too clear a distinction between allies and enemies … you know, us versus them. I’m afraid gaming can contribute to violent crimes. Do you agree?
Professor Johnson: Actually, research suggests otherwise. Many studies have denied the direct link between gaming and violence.
Bill: They have? I’m not convinced.
Professor Johnson: Don’t make video games responsible for everything. In fact, as I said, doctors are succeeding in treating patients with mental issues using virtual reality games.
Moderator: Anyone else? Yes, please.
Karen: Hello. Can you hear me? OK. Good. I’m Karen from Detroit. So, how about eSports?
Moderator: What are eSports, Karen?
Karen: They’re video game competitions. My cousin made a bunch of money playing eSports in Germany. They’re often held in large stadiums … with spectators and judges … and big awards, like a real sport. In fact, the Olympics may include eSports as a new event.
Moderator: … eSports. Professor?
Professor Johnson: Uh-huh. There are even professional leagues, similar to Major League Baseball. Well, eSports businesses are growing; however, eSports players may suffer from health problems.
Moderator: I see. That’s something to consider. But right now let’s hear from another person.

distracted 気が散って furthermore そのうえ it’s time to ~してもよいころだ ally 仲間 enemy 敵 contribute ~に貢献する crime 犯罪 deny ~を否定する convinced 納得して responsible for ~の責任がある succeed in ~に成功する virtual reality 仮想現実 competition 大会、競技会 a bunch of 大量の spectator 観客 similar to ~と似ている suffer from ~で苦しむ

司会:分かりました。観客のみなさんにコメントを求めたいと思います。誰か… はい、あなたです。どうぞ。



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