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次の問い(問1~10)の8~ 17に入れるのに最も適当なものを,それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

問1 I understand 8 of our students are working part-time in the evening to pay their school expenses.

① almost ② any

③ anyone ④ most

問2 Of the seven people here now, one is from China, three are from the US, and 9 from France.

① other ② others

③ the other ④ the others

問3 My brother 10 have been very popular when he was a high school student. He still gets lots of New Year’s cards from his former classmates.

① must ② ought to

③ should ④ would

問4 Eric’s friends, Minoru and Sachiko, will be here at seven this evening. He 11 doing his homework by then.

① has been finished

② has finished

③ will have finished

④ would finish

問5 Our family doctor suggested that our son 12 a complete medical checkup every year.

① get ② getting

③ is getting ④ to get

問6 Japan 13 of four large islands and many small islands.

① consists ② contains

③ forms ④ organizes

問7 Did you have a chance to meet your grandfather 14 the winter vacation?

① during ② inside

③ on ④ while

問8 I don’t enjoy going to Tokyo. It’s hard for me to put 15 all the crowds.

① away ② on

③ up to ④ up with

問9 When my younger brother and I were children, my mother often asked me to keep 16 him so he wouldn’t get lost.

① an eye on ② away from

③ back from ④ in time with

問10 I was offered a good position with a generous salary, but I decided to turn it 17 because I wanted to stay near my family.

① around ② down

③ out ④ over



問1 8 正解 4


most of 「ほとんどの~」

almost は almost all of the ~ の形で用いる。

問2 9 正解 4


the others 残り(のすべて)

問3 10 正解 1


must have 過去分詞 ~したに違いない

問4 11 正解 3


will have 過去分詞 (未来の時点で)~し終える

問5 12 正解 1


suggest that ~ (should) 動詞原形 guggest など提案・主張などを表す動詞がつくるthat節では should を用いるが,省略されることがある。

問6 13 正解 1


consist of ~で構成される

問7 14 正解 1


during ~の間(前置詞であり,名詞を伴う)
while ~の間(接続詞であり,主語+動詞を伴う)

問8 15 正解 4


put up with ~に耐える

問9 16 正解 1


keep an eye on ~を見守る

問10 17 正解 2


turn down 断る





Brad: Excuse me, Mr. Tani. I’d like to hand in my assignment. I came yesterday, but you weren’t here.

Mr. Tani: What time did you come?

Brad: About three in the afternoon.

Mr. Tani: So you still missed the deadline, didn’t you?

18 I can’t accept it now.

① You don’t have any homework today.

② You knew the paper was due by noon.

③ You were supposed to hand it in by today.

④ Your assignment wasn’t important.


David: I think I need to start exercising again. I didn’t do much all winter.

Ruth: I thought you said you go for a long walk every day.

David: I try to. 19

Ruth: Well, now that the weather is better, you have no excuse not to walk!

① Actually, I don’t usually walk in the spring.

② But when it’s cold and snowy, I get lazy.

③ Exercising in the winter keeps me warm.

④ In fact, I really like walking in the snow.


Tom: Do you ever buy brand-name bags or wallets?

Hiroko: No, never.

Tom: I don’t, either. 20

Hiroko: Yeah, you’re right. I think inexpensive bags are just as good, and I’d rather save money so I can travel.

① Brand-name goods aren’t that expensive.

② However, it’s important to have brand-name things.

③ I don’t think brand-name goods are worth the money.

④ I think brand-name things are very fashionable.



18 正解 2

19 正解 2

20 正解 3






① あなたは今日は宿題はありません。

② あなたは課題の期限は正午までであることを知っていました。

③ あなたは今日までにそれを提出することになっていました。

④ あなたの宿題は重要ではありませんでした。







① 実際,私は普段は春には歩きません。

② しかし,寒くて雪が降ると,私は怠け者になります。

③ 冬の運動は私を暖かく保ちます。

④ 実際,私は雪の中を歩くのが本当に好きです。






① ブランド品はそれほど高価ではありません。

② しかし,ブランド品を持っていることは重要です。

③ ブランド品はお金に見合うとは思いません。

④ ブランド品はとてもおしゃれだと思います。




問1 My friend, who can play basketball very well, practices ____ 21 ____ 22 ____.

① as ② as often ③ do

④ I ⑤ three times

問2 Mary: What are some of the reasons for your successful career?

Toshio: Mainly, I ____ 23 ____ 24 ____ my uncle. He was the one who would always help me when I was in trouble.

① am ② I ③ owe

④ to ⑤ what

問3 Kevin: What’s the legal driving age in your country?

Mie: In Japan, when people become eighteen, they ____ 25 ____ 26 ____ a driver’s license.

① are ② enough ③ get

④ old ⑤ to


問1 2122 正解 2・4 

My friend, who can play basketball very well, practices three times as often as I do.


倍数 as ~ as … …の-倍~

問2 2324 正解 5・1

Mainly, I owe what I am to my uncle. He was the one who would always help me when I was in trouble.


owe A to B AはBのおかげである

what I am 現在の私

問3 2526 正解 4・5 

In Japan, when people become eighteen, they are old enough to get a driver’s license.


形容詞 enough to ~ ~するのに十分…

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