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次の問い(問1~10)の817 に入れるのに最も適当なものを、それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

問1 If your muscles feel stiff and you want your body to be more flexible, I recommend 8 yoga exercises.

① did ② do ③ doing ④ done

問2 I really hate to see food 9, so I always try to eat everything on my plate.

① have wasted ② to be wasted
③ to waste ④ wasted

問3 I recently bought a coffee maker with a timer. It’s very convenient. Do you have 10 at home?

① it ② one ③ them ④ these

問4 Any of these books will help you find the information you need. You are welcome to take 11 book seems most interesting to you.

① what ② which ③ whichever ④ whose

問5 Our teacher is requiring us to write another report, and now I have two to finish by Friday. I 12 have finished the first assignment last week.

① may ② must ③ should ④ would

問6 I 13 the employees of our president’s arrival.

① conveyed ② explained ③ informed ④ noticed

問7 My daughter has been working as a nurse 14 she graduated from college.

① from ② since ③ until ④ while

問8 I hesitate to take long trips because I have to leave my cats 15, and I worry about them.

① aside ② away ③ behind ④ over

問9 In recent years, weather forecasters have become more accurate when they 16 the weather.

① predict ② prepare ③ propose ④ provide

問10 Brushing vegetables with olive oil and roasting them in the oven is a good way to bring 17 their delicious natural flavors.

① down ② in ③ out ④ up


問1 8 正解 ③
recommend ~ing ~することをお勧めする。

問2 9 正解 ④
知覚動詞see ~ 過去分詞 ~が…されるのを見る

問3 10 正解 ②
one はコーヒーメーカを指す。it だと私が買ったコーヒーメーカーそのものを指すことになり、不適。

問4 11 正解 ③
whichever+名詞 ~ならどの…でも

問5 12 正解 ③
should have 過去分詞 ~すべきだった

問6 13 正解 ③
inform ~ of … ~に…を知らせる

問7 14 正解 ②
since ~以来
現在完了形の文では since を用いる。

問8 15 正解 ③
leave ~ behind ~をあとに残す

問9 16 正解 ①
① 予想する ② 準備する ③ 提案する ④ 提供する

問10 17 正解 ③
bring out ~を引き出す



Takeo: I’m planning a surprise birthday party for Susan next Saturday evening. Can you come?
Ellen: Sounds great. 18
Takeo: I’ll pretend I need her help with my homework and ask her over to my house.

① Do you want me to tell her about the party?
② Have you found out how old she’s going to be?
③ How are you going to keep it a secret from her?
④ Who else is going to come to the party?

Tomoko: I’m going to Seattle for the summer. What kind of clothes should I take?
John: In August it’s pleasantly warm and dry, not nearly as hot and humid as here in Tokyo. It hardly ever rains, but the mornings and evenings can be quite chilly.
Tomoko: 19

① I didn’t know it was going to be so hot and humid.
② I didn’t know there were so many rainy days.
③ I guess I’ll need to pack my raincoat and umbrella.
④ I guess I’ll pack some long-sleeved shirts as well as T-shirts.

Kazuki: Sometimes I get a little irritated when I go out to eat with Kathy.
Cheryl: Why is that?
Kazuki: When the dishes are served, she’s always taking pictures of the food with her cell phone and sending them to her friends.
Cheryl: Yeah, I know. 20 It’s hard to enjoy the meal.
Kazuki: Maybe we could ask her to stop.

① I look forward to her emails.
② It kind of bothers me, too.
③ She’s not good at taking pictures.
④ Sometimes I wonder about the food.


問1 18 正解 ③
エレン:いいですね。 18
① あなたは私にパーティーについて彼女に話してほしいですか。
② あなたは彼女が何歳になるのか知っていますか。
③ あなたはどうやってそれを彼女に秘密にするつもりですか。
④ 他に誰がパーティーに来ますか。

問2 19 正解 ④
トモコ 19
① 私はそれほど暑くて湿度が高いとは知りませんでした。
② 私は雨の日がそれほど多いとは知りませんでした。
③ 私はレインコートと傘を荷物に入れる必要があると思います。
④ 私はTシャツだけでなく、長袖のシャツも何枚か荷物に入れようと思います。

問3 20 正解 ②
シェリル:そうだね。 20  食事を楽しむのは難しいです。
① 私は彼女のメールを楽しみにしています。
② 私もそれにやや気になっています。
③ 彼女は写真を撮るのが上手ではありません。
④ 私は時々食べ物について疑問に思います。



Salesclerk: How about these tires? They’re on sale.
Customer: They’re OK, but the ones over there ___ 21 ___ ___ 22 ___, aren’t they?
① are ② eco-friendly ③ more
④ much ⑤ than ⑥ these

Hitomi: Eric! Long time no see!
Eric: Hello, Hitomi. It’s good to see you again, too. I really ___ 23 ___ ___ 24 ___ me.
① all the way ② appreciate ③ coming
④ to ⑤ to talk ⑥ you

Susan: Did you hike to the top of the mountain?
Jan: No. It began to rain heavily, so we ___ 25 ___ ___ 26 ___ to the campground.
① but ② choice ③ had
④ no ⑤ return ⑥ to


問1 21,22 正解 ④,⑤

They’re OK, but the ones over there are much more eco-friendly than these, aren’t they?


問2 23,24 正解 ⑥,⑤

I really appreciate you coming all the way to talk to me.


問3 25,26 正解 ④,⑥

It began to rain heavily, so we had no choice but to return to the campground.


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