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Student : Do you have time later today to check the draft of my speech?
Teacher : No, I’m afraid I don’t have time today. I have several appointments this afternoon.
Student : I see. Well …. 27
Teacher : Yes. And please send it to me by email so I can read it before you come.

① Are you sure you can skip the appointments?
② Could I come to your office after school tomorrow?
③ Shall I make an appointment with you for today?
④ Would you kindly give me the draft to look at?


Ken: How about going to Memorial Park this weekend?
Ethan: How far is it from here?
Ken: Well, it takes about two hours by express train.
Ethan: Oh, that’s a bit far. How much is it to get there?
Ken: About 6, 000 yen. But I’ve heard it’s really beautiful.
Ethan: I know, but 28. Let’s find somewhere else to go.

① I don’t feel like going out
② it helps us to get there
③ that’s much too expensive
④ we can’t miss this chance


問1 27 正解 ②
学生:なるほど。それなら…. 27

① あなたは本当に予定を飛ばすことができるのですか。
② 明日の放課後、あなたの研究室に来てもよろしいですか。
③ 今日あなたと会う約束をしましょうか。
④ どうか見るべき原稿を私に下さい。

問2 28 正解 ③

① 私は外出する気分ではないです
② それは私達がそこに着くのに役立ちます
③ それはあまりに高価です
④ 私たちがこの機会を逃すはずがありません。



問1 29

Wearing proper shoes can reduce problems with your feet. Here are some important points to think about in order to choose the right shoes. ①Make sure the insole, the inner bottom part of the shoe, is made of material which absorbs the impact on your foot when walking.The upper part of the shoe should be made of breathable material such as leather or cloth.Some brand-name leather shoes are famous because of their fashionable designs.When you try on shoes, pay attention not only to their length but also to their depth and width. Wearing the right shoes lets you enjoy walking with fewer problems.

問2 30

In Japan, there are several ways of transporting goods. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. ①Transportation by air, though it can be expensive, is suitable for carrying goods which require speedy delivery.Buses can carry many passengers, and they are convenient for daily life.Ships, on the other hand, can carry large quantities at low cost, but it takes much time for them to reach their destinations. Trains can stop only at stations, but their arrival times can easily be estimated. ④Although trucks cannot carry much compared with trains, they are useful for carrying things from door to door. Such merits and demerits of each method of transportation should be taken into consideration, so the best way can be chosen, depending on the needs.

問3 31

If you forget something you once learned, go back to the place where you originally learned it. Experimental studies support this idea. For instance, two groups of divers went into the sea. ①After listening to a list of words underwater, they came back on land and wrote down as many words as they could remember.A day later, one group sat on land, while the other went back into the sea.Researchers carefully chose the list of words, and the divers selected the diving site.Each group was asked to recall and write the words they had learned the day before. It turned out that the divers in the sea recalled words better than the divers on land. Thus, a person’s ability to remember seems to be better if learning and recalling are done in the same environment.


問1 29 正解 ③

問2 30 正解 ②

問3 31 正解 ③



Alice: The mayor has asked me to lead this meeting to discuss ways to develop our town. Tom, how about beginning with you?
Tom: Sure. If a new factory is built here, more people will move to our town. This would help local shops and restaurants because there would be more customers. Also, some of our residents working in the next town could find jobs here. Many people have complained about their long drive back and forth to work. Working closer to home would improve their family life by giving them more time to spend together.
Alice: Tom, are you saying that 32?

① many of our residents prefer traveling to another town to work
② new businesses should do much more to increase their sales
③ people in our town would benefit from a new workplace here
④ working in the next town may make people’s lives better

Tom: Yes, that’s correct.
Carol: Well, I think it would be better to build a shopping mall. It would be good for both customers and shop owners. When the new housing complex is completed in the northeastern part of town, people living there would be pleased with a nearby mall to shop at. Lots of my fellow merchants have been wishing they could move to a new place. Such a mall would be a benefit to shop owners because more people would visit their shops.
Rick: I agree. A mall would also be useful for people in other parts of town because they could do all of their shopping at one place. It would save everyone time, and families would enjoy their lives more. And the highway exit is in the same area. So, not only would people in our town shop at a mall built there but people from other towns would also have easy access to it. That would increase our local businesses’ profits.
Carol: Right. It would make family life here much better as well as bring more customers to our town.
Alice: So, you both feel that a mall would help 33.

① bring money into our town to fix the highway
② develop downtown and the northeastern areas
③ give rise to a lot of controversies and arguments
④ improve our town’s economy and convenience

Leslie: I don’t think building a mall or opening a business is the only way to help our economy grow. We should find ways of using the beauty of nature, which our town is already famous for. It makes our town a nice place for families to live in.
Ellen: I think so, too. We should try to develop without changing the things that families living here and visitors enjoy. Using the beautiful scenery of our town in more creative ways would encourage people to come and live here. That would bring more money into our town.
Leslie: I completely agree. In the long run, our town will be hurt if its natural surroundings are not preserved.
Alice: So, Leslie and Ellen are talking about the importance of maintaining the natural features of our town. Well, from our discussion so far, it seems everyone thinks, when developing our town, we should 34. Let’s see if there are any other points we need to take into account.

① build a large shopping center
② consider residents’ family lives
③ increase the number of employees
④ think of the natural environment


正解 32 ③ 33 ④ 34

① 私たちの住民の多くは仕事のために別の町へ通勤することを好む
② 新しいビジネスは売り上げを伸ばすためにもっと多くのことをするべきである
③ 私たちの町の人々はここで新しい職場から恩恵を受けるだろう
④ 隣の町で働くことは人々の生活を良くするかもしれない


① 高速道路を修理するために私たちの町にお金を運ぶ
② 繁華街と北東部を発展させる
③ 多くの論争と議論を引き起こす
④ 私たちの町の経済と利便性を向上させる


① 大型ショッピングセンターを建てる
② 住民の家族生活を考える
③ 従業員の数を増やす
④ 自然環境を考える

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