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With a big yawn I woke up. What a fresh morning! I felt very sharp, much sharper than usual. I was able to hear the singing of birds more clearly than ever before. I noticed the smell of coffee coming up from downstairs. I stretched out my arms in front of myself and raised my back; it felt so good. I sat up straight, licked my hand, and started to clean my face with it…. Huh? … Something was strange. Why was I licking my hand with my tongue? Why was my body covered with fur? I tried to say something, but the sound that came out of my mouth was … “Meow.”

It was certainly my bedroom that I was in. It was certainly my bed that I was sitting on. Everything was as usual except that … I seemed to have changed into a different creature. I was so surprised that I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything. I wondered ― would I have to spend the rest of my life as an animal? I began to feel afraid…. But after a few moments those feelings passed. So, with a wave of my tail, I started to explore my surroundings. A cat’s mind is said to be changeable like that.

As I went down the stairs, the smell of coffee grew stronger and I could tell what was for breakfast. Maybe the senses of a cat are sharper than those of a human. When I got to the dining room, what I saw almost stopped my heart. It was me! The human I was sitting at the dining table! I couldn’t take my eyes off myself.

The human I was absorbed in a smartphone, maybe writing responses to friends’ messages or playing an online game. Bending my head down toward the phone, I was sitting with rounded shoulders and a curved back. I looked very uncomfortable.

I sometimes took a little bite of toast, but it appeared that I was not noticing any taste in my mouth. Actually, the taste of toast in my memory was vague. I couldn’t remember what else had been served for breakfast recently, either. The human I was just mindlessly putting in my mouth anything that was on the plate while handling the phone. I was so focused on the text messages or games that I took little interest in what was happening around me. In fact, my face had no expression on it at all.

“Yuji, you never study these days. Are you ready for your final exams? You’re making me a little bit worried,” said Mom.

“Mmm,” said I. A sign of frustration briefly appeared on my face, but it disappeared in an instant. My face was again as expressionless as it had been before.

“I don’t like this guy,” I thought. But this guy was me. I couldn’t deny it. For the first time, I realized how I really looked to other people.

Then, as I started to leave the table, our eyes met. “Wow! Mom, look! There’s a cat in the dining room!”

I didn’t know why, but I was running. I felt I had to escape. Running up the stairs, I found the window in my room was open. I jumped! I had a strange feeling. The world suddenly seemed to have shifted. I felt my body falling down and ….


I was awake, lying on the floor of my room. I slowly sat up and looked around. Everything looked like it usually did. I looked at my hands. I was relieved to see they were no longer covered with fur. I stood up and, with a yawn, extended my arms above my head to stretch my back. Without thinking, as was my usual habit in the morning, I started to walk to my desk where my smartphone had completed charging and … I stopped.

After pausing for a moment, I turned around and went downstairs for breakfast.

問1 When Yuji realized that he had turned into a cat, he first felt 42.

① astonished
② embarrassed
③ excited
④ satisfied

問2 When Yuji’s mother spoke to him, he was annoyed because 43.

① he wanted to please her
② her words disturbed him
③ his mouth was full of food
④ she interrupted his studies

問3 The cat thought, “I don’t like this guy,” because Yuji 44.

① could not recall the taste of food he had eaten at breakfast
② tried to hide his efforts to study for the final exams
③ was making fun of his mother’s concern for his future
④ was not showing respect for people or things around him

問4 At the end of the story, Yuji did not pick up his smartphone because he 45.

① decided it was time to improve his attitude
② realized that it was not yet fully charged
③ wanted to stick to his old priorities
④ was afraid of being scolded by his mother

問5 What is the theme of this story? 46

① Cats have much better senses than humans.
② Observing yourself can lead to self-change.
③ People using smartphones look strange.
④ Unbelievable things can happen in dreams.




私がいたのは確かに私の寝室であった。私が座っていたのは確かに私のベッドであった。それ以外はすべて普通だった…私は別の生き物に変わったようだった。私はあまりに驚いて動くことができなかった。私は何もできなかった。私は疑問に思った ― 私は残りの人生を動物として過ごさなければならないのだろうか。私は怖くなり始めた……しかし、しばらくしてそれらの感情は消えた。それで、私のしっぽをなびかせながら、私は自分の周りを探検し始めた。猫の心はそのように変わりやすいと言われている。












問1 42 正解 ①
① 驚いた
② きまりが悪かった
③ わくわくした
④ 満足した

問2 43 正解 ②
① 彼は彼女を喜ばせたかった
② 彼女の言葉が彼を動揺させた
③ 彼の口は食べ物でいっぱいだった
④ 彼女は彼の勉強を中断させた

問3 44 正解 ④
① 朝食で食べた食べ物の味を思い出せない
② 期末試験の勉強の努力を隠そうとした
③ 彼の将来に対する母親の懸念をからかっていた
④ 周りの人や物に敬意を表していなかった

問4 45 正解 ①
① 自分の態度を改善する時だと決心した
② スマートフォンがまだ十分に充電されていないことに気づいた
③ 自分の昔の優先事項を守りたかった
④ 母親に叱られるのが怖かった

問5 46 正解 ②
① 猫は人間よりもはるかに優れた感覚を持っている。
② 自分を観察することは自己変化につながることがある。
③ スマートフォンを使っている人々は奇妙に見えます。
④ 夢の中では信じられないことが起こり得る。

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