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問1 27

Tea can be divided into several types based on how much the picked tea leaves react to oxygen. The longer the leaf goes through this reaction process, the stronger its taste and smell become. ①For producing lighter tea, like green tea, the tea leaves are usually roasted or steamed to prevent the reaction.For oolong tea, the tea leaves are shaken in baskets to tear them and speed up the process.Assam, Darjeeling, and other types of black tea require plenty of time for the tea leaves to have a thorough reaction.Flavored tea is produced when leaves go through a process of being exposed to sweet-smelling flowers, like jasmine. By following these long-established methods to control the length of the leaf’s reaction, tea producers are able to offer the great variety of this wonderful drink that we can enjoy every day.

問2 28

The sun offers the most available and pollution-free power in the world. However, problems with high costs are still preventing solar power from becoming a more commonly used energy source. ①It is expensive to employ experienced and knowledgeable people to install solar panels.Giant rural solar farms require costly lines to transfer the electricity to the cities where it is needed.The performance of solar panels needs to improve as a lot of the sunlight on the panels is still wasted.When the sun isn’t shining, there’s a need for large, high-priced energy storage systems to provide a constant electricity source. With advances in technology, these issues are becoming less of a financial burden, so the day may come when solar energy will be society’s main power source.

問3 29

Making something on your own may take you a lot of time and hard work, but it can give you a great feeling of achievement. Spending every weekend and holiday for a couple of years, Todd built his own house without hiring professional builders. ①With his colleagues’ cooperation, he often took several days off from work to take a rest.He bought land in a rural area and cleared it. Then, he put up a tent so that he could sleep there at night while working on the house.His friends sometimes helped him pour cement, carry wood, and install electric cables and water pipes.He built the house little by little, often staying alone in the tent. Now, he has finished a nice two-story house with a basement, and he is very proud of his accomplishment.


問1 27 正解 ④


問2 28 正解 ③


問3 29 正解 ①




Ms. Luis: Thank you for coming today. What we would like to do today is to get your opinions on practical ways for us to promote the students’ use of our library. We’ve asked a student representative from each department to be here. So who would like to begin? Amy?
Amy: I’ve just read on the library website that the library has added more group study rooms this year. Nursing students often like to study in groups, so these rooms will create a greater interest in coming here. But I’m afraid almost no students know about them. Moreover, Nursing students have very busy class schedules in addition to on-site hospital practice. We want to use the library when we can, but it always closes too early for us and isn’t even open on weekends. Perhaps longer and more flexible library hours would get more Nursing students to come here.
Ms. Luis: Thank you, Amy. So, you’re saying 30.

① Nursing students are too busy to work for hospitals
② Nursing students are using the group study rooms
③ the library hours are too short for Nursing students
④ the library is changing Nursing students’ study habits

Ms. Luis: And they don’t know about changes to the library even though this information is on our website.
Amy: That’s right.
Kazuki: Well, the students in my department said they would make more use of the library if there were more resources related to food science. It seems the library has very few books and online resources on the subject. Also, it has magazines and academic journals, but they are old and out of date. There are new findings in food science all the time, so we always need to look at the latest materials.
Clare: My Social Science classmates say the same thing. For instance, when I do research for social science classes, I can’t find many books related to the topics, and I have to buy several books myself. It would be good if the library had more books and subscribed to more resources like online journals.
Ms. Luis: Thank you, Kazuki and Clare. You both brought up the idea of 31.

① buying more social science books
② getting students to read online journals
③ increasing library resources for students
④ removing old books and magazines

Ms. Luis: Actually, students can make requests to us to buy books and can borrow books from other university libraries through our library.
Kazuki: Really? I didn’t know that. I think the library should let people know more about what it can provide.
Clare: I don’t think people in my department know that, either.
Ms. Luis: I see. I’m interested to hear what the Design students have to say. Ross, what kind of responses did you get?
Ross: Well, I knew that the library had a corner to highlight books for each department, but other Design students said they didn’t know about it.
I visited the corner and think that it’s a fairly dull and boring space. Creating an area that is warm and bright with lots of visual stimulation might get Design students more interested in the library.
James: What about making better use of that corner by exhibiting students’ projects with related books? Engineering students create small robots and devices for their projects. Students would come to see their friends’ creations, and the library could advertise its resources. Right now, we don’t even know about that corner, so the library must find a better way of letting us know about it.
Max: I think so, too. If Architecture students knew what the library had, we could take advantage of it. We would also like a place where we could exhibit our projects.
Ms. Luis: OK. Thank you, everyone. One point you’ve all touched upon is that the library should 32.

① have hours of service to meet students’ needs
② inform students better about what it offers
③ provide rooms to help students with projects
④ replace its old and out-of-date resources


正解 30 ③ 31 ③ 32


① 看護学生は忙しすぎて病院で働けない
② 看護学生はグループ学習室を利用している
③ 図書館の時間が看護学生には短すぎる
④ 図書館が看護学生の学習習慣を変えている


① 社会科学の本をもっと買う
② 学生にオンライン雑誌を読でもらう
③ 学生のために図書館の資料を増やす
④ 古い本や雑誌を取り除く


① 学生の必要性に応えるための開館時間を持つ
② 図書館が何を提供しているかについて学生にもっと知らせる
③ 学生の研究課題を支援するための部屋を提供する
④ 古くて時代遅れになった資料を置き換える

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