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A 次の問い(問1~3)のパラグラフ(段落)には、まとまりをよくするために取り除いた方がよい文が一つある。取り除く文として最も適当なものを、それぞれ下線部①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

問1 27

Silence is more than the lack of sound; it is a vital part of communication. It can show any number of emotions and feelings, including insecurity, familiarity, and superiority. Just like the spoken word, it fulfills the basic functions of language. ①Where it does so most is in the relationships between people. Sometimes, silence is associated with the negative actions of communication and implies anxiety. ②However, it also speaks of friendship, love, and security for people. Good friends can be together and be silent. Another important thing that silence communicates is power. ③It has been used throughout history as a globally accepted sign of one’s good will. Those who are in authority can control speech and silence. ④Some people must remain silent before authority to show their obedience.

問2 28

Why don’t we pay a little more attention to our breathing? Breathing slowly and deeply helps us take in more oxygen. ①According to one study, doing slow breathing exercises, even for a short time, increases oxygen consumption by 37%. Some researchers suggest that slow breathing activates parts of the brain that reduce anxiety, ②Slow breathing could also be a simple solution when people have trouble sleeping.With slow, controlled breathing before going to bed, people wake up fewer times during the night.When doing slow breathing exercises, we should sit in positions that are comfortable. Several further studies have shown that a nose-breathing technique from yoga can have a lasting effect on reducing one’s blood pressure. We should realize the potential benefits in our unconscious behavior.

問3 29

The size of your vocabulary is a measure of what psychologists call your verbal intelligence. A psychologist in Canada found links between one’s verbal intelligence and the habit of deliberating past problems: The more words you know, the more likely you will be a worrier, ①Human beings express their feelings and emotions to each other through the medium of language.People with high verbal intelligence are better able to remember the details of previous experiences and think them through repeatedly.A high number of words in your vocabulary bank means you won’t forget about or ignore possible troubles.We tend to believe that as the number of words we know increases, our lives will become better. Verbal intelligence, however, seems to be both a blessing and a curse at the same time.


問1 27 正解 ③
沈黙は音がないという以上のものである。それはコミュニケーションの重要な部分である。不安、親しみ、優越性など、あらゆる数の感情や感覚を示すことができる。話し言葉のように、それは言語の基本的な機能を果たす。①最も役立っているのは、人と人との関係においてである。時々、沈黙はコミュニケーションの否定的な行動と関連し、不安を暗示する。②しかし、それは人々の友情、愛、安全についても語る。 仲の良い友達は一緒にいて、静かでいる。沈黙が伝えるもう一つの重要なものは権力である。③それは世界中で受け入れられる人の善意のしぐさとして歴史を通じて使用されてきた。権力のある人は発話と沈黙を制御できる。④ある人々は、彼らの服従を示すために権力者の前に黙っていなければならない。

問2 28 正解 ④

問3 29 正解 ①


B 次の会話は,日本に来た留学生の生活に関する学生たちのやりとりの一部である。3032に入れるのに最も適当なものを,それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

Hiroki: So, Andy, you’ve been in Japan for about three months now. How’s everything going?
Andy: Oh, it’s been great. The food is so good! I’m a bit worried that I might put on some weight before I go home.
Hiroki: Is there anything you don’t eat?
Andy: No, everything has been great. And before you ask, yes, I do like natto. So many people are surprised when I say I eat natto.
Betty: Really? I tried it a couple of times when I first came here, but I wasn’t such a big fan. I like almost everything, but I thought it smelled a little strange and was sticky. Can you guys explain its appeal?
Hiroki: Well, if you mix some other food with it, the smell is bearable, and it really enhances the flavor. I often add shiso―you know, the green leaf you often eat with sushi and sashimi. Some people add sugar, but I don’t like that very much. It’s too sweet for me. You could try putting in a little black pepper. I’ve heard it tastes pretty good.
Betty: So Hiroki, you think I should 30.

① add sugar to natto to make it sweeter
② combine various other flavors with natto
③ enjoy eating natto with sushi and sashimi
④ try mixing natto up as fast as possible

Hiroki: Absolutely.
Minae: You can also use it in dishes you would normally eat in the US. I sometimes make natto toast. You spread a little mayonnaise on a piece of bread, put the natto on top, then add heaps of cheese. You toast it until the cheese melts. I know it sounds a bit strange, but it tastes delicious!
Louis: I’ve had that before. It’s awesome! You know we often cook omelets in France, right? In Japan, I make natto omelets all the time. Just like natto toast, they’re really easy to make. Fry a mixture of a couple of eggs, a bit of milk, salt, and black pepper with a bit of butter. Put natto and a handful of cheese inside. You could put a bit of tomato sauce on top, too, if you like.
Betty: So Minae and Louis, you suggest I 31.

① avoid imported food products when having natto
② cook dishes that make the natto flavor stronger
③ eat natto for breakfast with eggs in the morning
④ try adding natto to Western-style dishes

Minae: Yes. You can find even more ideas on the Internet, too.
Jurg: I’m not a huge fan of the taste of natto, either. So you’re not the only one, Betty. There are plenty of Japanese people who dislike natto, too. It’s a bit sticky, but I read in a science magazine that sticky foods like natto are extremely good for your body. What Minae and Louis were describing sounds really delicious, but it kind of defeats the purpose of eating healthy food if you add all that cheese. I don’t even have it on rice. Just mix in the sauce you get in your natto pack, put it in your mouth, and eat it. You’ll see some great results in your next health check, I promise you.
Andy: I hope you’re right. I’m worried about that!
Betty: Well, you all have convinced me that I should 32.

① add natto to my diet to improve my health
② avoid heating natto to appreciate its taste
③ choose vegetables over natto like you do
④ consider giving natto a try one more time

Hiroki: I hope you do.


B 30 正解 ② 31 正解 ④ 32 正解 ④
ベティ:ヒロキ、私は 30 べきだと思います。

① 甘くするために納豆に砂糖を加える
② 他のさまざまな味と納豆を組み合わせる
③ 寿司と刺身と一緒に納豆を食べて楽しむ
④ 納豆をできるだけ早く混ぜてみる

ベティ:ミナエとルイ、あなたたちは私が 31 ことを提案しています。

① 納豆を食べるときは輸入食品を避ける
② 納豆の風味を強くする料理を作る
③ 朝に卵と一緒に朝食に納豆を食べる
④ 洋食に納豆を加えてみる

ベティ:さて、皆さんの意見によって私は 32 すべきだと確信しています。

① 健康を改善するために食事に納豆を加える
② その味を味わうために納豆を加熱するのを避ける
③ あなたのように納豆にのせる野菜を選ぶ
④ もう一度納豆を試してみる


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