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第5問 次のブログ記事を読み、下の問い(問1~5)の4145に入れるのに最も適当なものを、それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。(配点 30)

News from the Town of Sunnyside | By Naomi Kendall
Dance to Your Heart’s Content | January 19, 2019

Last night we held Sunnyside’s 5th annual “Dance to Your Heart’s Content” event!

We had called for performers from the first grade of elementary school and above, and five dance teams registered, with one barely meeting the age requirement. As one of the organizers, I wasn’t sure whether this year’s event would be successful or not. There had been some problems with advertising and costumes. One of our members had designed a fantastic poster showing pictures of dancers from the past four years. However, we didn’t pass out the copies to the neighboring towns until a few days before the event. We didn’t know how many people would attend. The costumes were another problem because all of the teams were required to make their own. The flamenco team’s dresses were complicated to make, and we weren’t sure the robot-dancing team could make their costumes by themselves. Even though it was supposed to be fun, I really wasn’t looking forward to the event.

With all these worries, the event began. The hip-hop team made its running entrance with lots of fast jumps. I was afraid that they would run into each other. The leader was the high school art teacher, Mr. Nakamura, and his original music is one reason the hip-hop team has gained popularity in the community during the past two years. The only way to hear his music is at his live performances. His fans have often asked him when they will be able to listen to his music at home, so in response, Mr. Nakamura said he will have a special gift for the audience at his next performance.

After this thrilling exhibition, the Hawaiian hula dance team gave us a chance to cool down. In pale blue and green dresses paired with pink flower necklaces, the hula team sometimes looked like a wave as they moved from side to side. At other times, they moved as if they were floating on a light breeze. Just watching them dance made me feel like I was on vacation.

The three-person classical ballet team was next with their love story in dance form. Both the bakery employee Peggy and the garden shop owner Olivia performed elegant leaps and spins designed to win the love of Sunnyside’s librarian, Tim. The performance ended with a question as Tim looked at the two women, wondering which one he should choose. They have kept the answer a secret but promised to reveal everything next week by posting it on their blogs.

The sister-and-brother robot-dancing team had finally become old enough to participate. They were so excited that they couldn’t keep still while they were waiting for their turn. When I saw the shiny silver masks and bodies that the brother and sister made from various boxes, I wondered if there was any aluminum foil left in their parents’ kitchen. I was impressed because their precise movements almost made me forget that they were human. They told me that they will show anyone their dance moves next Friday … after they do their homework.

Last but not least, the bright and colorful flamenco team set the stage on fire. I’m sure the audience enjoyed watching the exciting dance that displayed their handmade flamenco dresses. Even though a couple of the dancers dropped their hats, the audience clapped enthusiastically.

Later, we went straight to the after-party. I felt relieved that, despite a few small problems, the event had gone according to plan. At the party, I had a chance to talk to some people from the audience, and I could feel my smile getting bigger and bigger as I listened to them. I can’t wait until next year’s event!

I’m looking forward to your comments about this event and my post!

問1 Which of the following will most likely be Mr. Nakamura’s gift? 41.

① A class on music composition
② A collection of his music
③ A handmade costume
④ An invitation to his next concert

問2 Which of the following is closest to the meaning of the underlined phrase cool down? 42

① become calm
② lose motivation
③ manage temperature
④ turn cold

問3 The audience can find out about the ending of the ballet love story by 43.

① asking any team member at their workplace
② checking a team member’s personal website
③ looking at the voting results found online
④ reading a poster about it in the library

問4 The robot-dancing team members were 44.

① first-time performers in the event
② giving dancing lessons at the party
③ two brothers from a junior high school
④ wearing costumes made by their parents

問5 As one of the event organizers, how did the author feel about the outcome? 45

① Disappointed with the preparation
② Interested in how she can improve it
③ Satisfied with how things turned out
④ Uncertain of the future of the event

思う存分にダンス| 2019年1月19日










問1 41 正解 ②


① 音楽作曲の授業
② 彼の音楽を集めたもの
③ 手作りの衣装
④ 彼の次のコンサートの招待状

問2 42 正解 ①

次のうちどれが下線の語句 cool down の意味に最も近いか。

① 落ち着く
② やる気を失う
③ 体温を管理する
④ 冷たくなる

問3 43 正解 ②


① 彼らの職場でチームメンバーの誰かに尋ねること
② チームメンバーの個人のウェブサイトを確認すること
③ インターネット上で見つかる投票結果を見ること
④ 図書館でそれについてのポスターを読むこと

問4 44 正解 ①


① イベントで初めての公演であった
② パーティーでダンスのレッスンをしていた
③ 中学生の二人の兄弟であった
④ 両親によって作られた衣装を着ていた

問5 45 正解 ③


① 準備にがっかりしている。
② 彼女がそれをどのように改善できるかに関心がある。
③ ものごとの結果に満足している。
④ イベントの将来に確信がない。

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