English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2014 DAY 1

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Part 2

For questions 7-13, listen to the dialogue on each question, and choose one of the four options (1. to 4.) as the most appropriate response to the last statement.


1. I brought the wrong book.
2. I can’t solve the problem.
3. I don’t see it on the page.
4. I stopped reading it.

M: Charlene, please read page 24 in the textbook.
W: Uh…sorry, I can’t.
M: What’s the problem now?

Answer: 1.


1. Oh no, I didn’t email that.
2. Oh no, I didn’t receive it.
3. Oh no, I don’t need to send it.
4. Oh no, I don’t want that.

W: Have you finished filling out the form on the website?
M: Yes. I did all that. See?
W: Wait. Checking this box means you want to receive their email magazine.

Answer: 4.


1. How long does it take?
2. I’ll be right back.
3. I’ll wait here too.
4. Would you like to pay now?

M: Hey, I’m going to get a hamburger. How about you?
W: Sounds good. Oh, I need to get my bag first.
M: OK. I’ll wait for you here.

Answer: 2.


1. Don’t book it.
2. I don’t have it.
3. I’ll borrow one.
4. No problem.

W: What book are you reading?
M: It’s the first book in the Harry Potter series.
W: Oh, I haven’t read it yet. Can I borrow it when you’re finished?

Answer: 4.


1. No, it was at the party.
2. No, it was Danny.
3. Yeah, that’s him!
4. Yeah, that’s them!

W: How was the party last night?
M: It was fun. Some guy asked me to say hi to you. Um… he had long blond hair and…
W: Do you mean Danny?

Answer: 3.


1. I forgot too.
2. I reported it to you.
3. I’ll get it for you.
4. I’ll miss it.

M: OK. I’m off to school, Mom. See you later.
W: Hey, Pat! Do you have your report to hand in?
M: Oh, that’s right. Thanks, I forgot. It’s on my desk.

Answer: 3.


1. Well, I’ll vote for you.
2. Well, the captain chose the members.
3. Well, you probably don’t play tennis.
4. Well, your teammates think you can.

M: Guess what? The tennis club chose me to be captain.
W: That’s great! You must be happy.
M: Yeah, but I don’t know if I can do a good job.

Answer: 4.

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