English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2014 DAY 1

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Part 3


What is the man interested in at the mall?

1. Buying a car.
2. Eating sweets.
3. Going bowling.
4. Looking at toys

W: Do you want to go shopping at the mall?
M: That place is kind of boring, if you ask me.
W: But they just opened a new section with lots of new stores.
M: Like what?
W: Clothes, furniture, kids’ toys…
M: That’s all?
W: And a doughnut shop.
M: OK! Let’s get in the car!

Answer: 2.


When is the woman likely to go to the movie?

1. At 6:50.
2. At midnight.
3. In 30 minutes.
4. On another day.

W: It’s ten to seven! I’ve missed Titanic!
M: Has it started?
W: Yeah, 30 minutes ago at the Cosmic Theater. I guess I’ll give it up tonight.
M: It starts at nine at the Solar Cinema. You can still see it there.
W: Hmm, I don’t think so. It won’t end until after midnight.

Answer: 4.


Which way should the man go?

1. Go straight and turn left.
2. Go straight and turn right.
3. Go straight, turn left, and then right.
4. Go straight, turn right, and then left.

M: Excuse me. I’m looking for Central Bus Station. Could you tell me where it is?
W: Sure. It’s not very far from here. Go straight three blocks, and turn left. It’ll be in front of you.
M: Straight and left?
W: Right.
M: Didn’t you say “turn left”?
W: Left? That’s correct.
M: Oh, OK. Thanks.

Answer: 1.

No.17 to 19

A boy is talking to his friend about where to take his former host family.

Choose the ones that are the most appropriate from 1 to 6 for 1719.

1. Gifu 2. Hiroshima 3. Hokkaido
4. Nara 5. Okinawa 6. Yamanashi

W: Hey, isn’t your host family visiting next month?
M: Yeah, they looked after me when I was in Hawaii, so I’ve been wondering where to take them.
W: That’s what I thought. Here’s a list of prefectures that are popular with foreign visitors in winter.
M: Can I see it? Where’s Kyoto? After Yamanashi? I thought it would be more popular.
W: I guess it’s because Yamanashi’s a good place to see Mt. Fuji.
M: Right.
W: And besides, not all tourists are interested in historic places. That’s why Nara isn’t at the top, either. It’s below Hyogo.
M: After Nara come Gifu and Hiroshima.
W: Interesting―Tokyo’s first, but Osaka’s third, and Hokkaido comes between them.
M: Skiing in Hokkaido also sounds nice. It’s hard to choose. But it’s good to enjoy warm weather in winter. How about Okinawa?
W: But they’re from Hawaii. I don’t think they’ll miss the warm weather!

No.17 Answer: 3.
No.18 Answer: 6.
No.19 Answer: 4.

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