English reading for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2013 DAY 1

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Section 2A

In the following questions (Questions 1 to 10) 8 to 17 Choose the most appropriate ones from 1 to 4.

No.1 I understand 8 of our students are working part-time in the evening to pay their school expenses.

1.almost 2.any

3.anyone 4.most

No.2 Of the seven people here now, one is from China, three are from the US, and 9 from France.

1.other 2.others

3.the other 4.the others

No.3 My brother 10 have been very popular when he was a high school student. He still gets lots of New Year’s cards from his former classmates.

1.must 2.ought to

3.should 4.would

No.4 Eric’s friends, Minoru and Sachiko, will be here at seven this evening. He 11 doing his homework by then.

1.has been finished

2.has finished

3.will have finished

4.would finish

No.5 Our family doctor suggested that our son 12 a complete medical checkup every year.

1.get 2.getting

3.is getting 4.to get

No.6 Japan 13 of four large islands and many small islands.

1.consists 2.contains

3.forms 4.organizes

No.7 Did you have a chance to meet your grandfather 14 the winter vacation?

1.during 2.inside

3.on 4.while

No.8 I don’t enjoy going to Tokyo. It’s hard for me to put 15 all the crowds.

1.away 2.on

3.up to 4.up with

No.9 When my younger brother and I were children, my mother often asked me to keep 16 him so he wouldn’t get lost.

1.an eye on 2.away from

3.back from 4.in time with

No.10 I was offered a good position with a generous salary, but I decided to turn it 17 because I wanted to stay near my family.

1.around 2.down

3.out 4.over


No.1 8 4

No.2 9 4

No.3 10 1

No.4 11 3

No.5 12 1

No.6 13 1

No.7 14 1

No.8 15 4

No.9 16 1

No.10 17 2

Section 2B

In the conversation for the next question (questions 1 to 3), select the ones that are most appropriate to be included in 18 to 20 from 1 to 4.


Brad: Excuse me, Mr. Tani. I’d like to hand in my assignment. I came yesterday, but you weren’t here.

Mr. Tani: What time did you come?

Brad: About three in the afternoon.

Mr. Tani: So you still missed the deadline, didn’t you?

18 I can’t accept it now.

1. You don’t have any homework today.

2. You knew the paper was due by noon.

3. You were supposed to hand it in by today.

4. Your assignment wasn’t important.


David: I think I need to start exercising again. I didn’t do much all winter.

Ruth: I thought you said you go for a long walk every day.

David: I try to. 19

Ruth: Well, now that the weather is better, you have no excuse not to walk!

1. Actually, I don’t usually walk in the spring.

2. But when it’s cold and snowy, I get lazy.

3. Exercising in the winter keeps me warm.

4. In fact, I really like walking in the snow.


Tom: Do you ever buy brand-name bags or wallets?

Hiroko: No, never.

Tom: I don’t, either. 20

Hiroko: Yeah, you’re right. I think inexpensive bags are just as good, and I’d rather save money so I can travel.

1. Brand-name goods aren’t that expensive.

2. However, it’s important to have brand-name things.

3. I don’t think brand-name goods are worth the money.

4. I think brand-name things are very fashionable.


18 2

19 2

20 3

Section 2C

In the next question (questions 1 to 3), rearrange the words below to make up the space, and complete the most appropriate sentence. Answer only the numbers that you put in 21 to 26.

No.1 My friend, who can play basketball very well, practices ____ 21 ____ 22 ____.

1.as 2.as often 3.do

4.I 5.three times

No.2 Mary: What are some of the reasons for your successful career?

Toshio: Mainly, I ____ 23 ____ 24 ____ my uncle. He was the one who would always help me when I was in trouble.

1.am 2.I 3.owe

4.to 5.what

No.3 Kevin: What’s the legal driving age in your country?

Mie: In Japan, when people become eighteen, they ____ 25 ____ 26 ____ a driver’s license.

1.are 2.enough 3.get

4.old 5.to


No.1 21 22 2 4

My friend, who can play basketball very well, practices three times as often as I do.

No.2 23 24 5 1

Mainly, I owe what I am to my uncle. He was the one who would always help me when I was in trouble.

No.3 25 26 4 5

In Japan, when people become eighteen, they are old enough to get a driver’s license.

1 2 3 4 5 6