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Peter : You look tired. What’s wrong?
John : Recently, I haven’t been getting much sleep.
Peter : Why not?
John : My neighbor keeps playing loud music all night. 27
Peter : Why don’t you go over and ask him to be quieter?

① I already went over to talk to him.
② I can always stay awake.
③ I can’t help falling asleep.
④ I really can’t stand it any longer.

Alice : I’m sorry for mistaking your father for your brother.
Brenda : Don’t worry. People often make that mistake.
Alice : So, how old is your father?
Brenda : He’ll be 50 next month.
Alice : Really? 28

① He doesn’t look as young as he is.
② He isn’t as old as he looks.
③ He looks old enough to be your father.
④ He looks very young for his age.


問1 27 正解 ④
ジョン:隣人が一晩中大音量で音楽を流し続けています。 27

① 私はもう彼と話をしに行きました。
② 私はいつでも起きていることができます。
③ 私は眠らざるを得ない。
④ 私はもはや本当に我慢できない。

問2 28 正解 ④
アリス:本当に? 28

① 彼は実際ほど若く見えません。
② 彼は見た目ほど年を取っていません。
③ 彼はあなたの父親になるのに十分な年のようです。
④ 彼は年齢の割にとても若く見えます。



問1 29
Getting the right amount of sleep is important for keeping ourselves healthy. New research on sleep indicates that reducing our hours of sleep is not only unhealthy, but can shorten our life span, too. ①People who regularly do not get enough sleep may be at risk of dying earlier than those who usually sleep well.Surprisingly, the research shows that too much sleep can also have a negative influence on our health.Statistics show that women live longer than men.For example, in some cases, sleeping more than nine hours per night seems to be associated with a shorter life. Research such as this can provide us with reasons to take a careful look at our own lifestyles.

問2 30
If you go hiking or camping, take your dog with you. The sights and sounds of nature can be very relaxing for people, and this is true for dogs as well. ①Dogs have long been considered to be people’s best friends.Dogs enjoy running around open fields or through the woods.They may even find interesting things along the way and surprise their owners.People can also experience many things while spending time out in nature with their dogs. You can expect twice as much fun when you spend time outdoors with your dog.

問3 31
One of the most important kitchen tools is the simple hand-operated can opener ― the manual can opener. ①Can openers are needed to open some canned foods, and nowadays many people have easy-to-use electric ones.However, with a manual can opener, even when there is an electric power failure, you can still open cans. In fact, it is one of the first kitchen tools to disappear from supermarkets when a disaster occurs. ③Another advantage of a manual can opener is that it will last for years without any maintenance.Recently, even some electric can openers with multiple functions have been getting cheaper. In any event, it is always a good idea to have a manual can opener in your kitchen.


問1 29 正解 ③

問2 30 正解 ①

問3 31 正解 ④
最も重要な台所用具の1つは簡単な手で操作する缶切り ― 手動缶切りです。①缶詰の食べ物を開けるには缶切りが必要で、今日では多くの人が使いやすい電気のものを持っています。②しかし、手動缶切りがあれば、停電でもあなたは缶を開けられます。実は、それは災害が発生したときにスーパーマーケットから消える最初の台所用具の一つです。③手動缶切りのもう一つの利点は何年もメンテナンスなしで持ちこたえることです。④最近では、複数の機能を持つ電動缶切りでさえ安くなってきています。いずれにせよ、あなたの台所に手動缶切りを持つのはいつでも良い考えです。



Jason: As you know, in the past year or so, we’ve had a lot of accidents in the city involving cyclists. We need to discuss what we can do to protect people’s safety. There are a number of possible solutions, with one idea being simply to restrict bicycle use in our city. On the other hand, it would be great if we could make cycling in the city both fun and safe. I’d like to hear your views about this.
Susan: Well, I think it would be a mistake to strictly limit bicycle use. People ride bicycles to go to work, to go shopping, or just to be outside. If more people used cars instead of bicycles in the city, for example, we would have more traffic jams, dirtier air, and a less healthy population. So, encouraging the use of bicycles would make our city a more eco-friendly place.
Jason: So, Susan, you’re saying that 32.

① cycling is a fairly easy activity and people of all ages can learn to ride
② restricted use of bicycles in the city will lead to fewer traffic accidents
③ there are environmental as well as health reasons for us to promote bicycle use
④ we shouldn’t encourage bicycle use because cycling in the city can be dangerous

Susan: That’s correct. I would definitely like to support the use of bicycles, but we need to consider how to make things safer.
Jason: So, are there ways we could improve the safety of cyclists in the city?
Diana: In most cities in Europe, and in some cities here in the US as well, there are designated bicycle lanes that are often marked by painted lines on the ground along the sides of roads. Lanes like this keep cyclists off the sidewalk and make things safer for pedestrians and for cyclists. Bicycle lanes can also help motorists avoid accidents and drive more safely in the city.
Jason: Diana, that’s an interesting observation. I guess your main point is that the bicycle lanes may 33.

① be difficult for pedestrians and motorists to recognize
② improve safety for pedestrians and motorists, as well as cyclists
③ increase the number of accidents with pedestrians on the sidewalks
④ persuade motorists in the city to switch from cars to bicycles

Philip: I like the idea of having special bicycle lanes, but there are arguments against them as well. Sometimes it’s unsafe for cyclists to stay in the bicycle lanes because there are obstructions in the lane, such as parked cars or garbage trucks, so the cyclist is forced to suddenly ride out into traffic. This may create a very dangerous situation.
Jason: So, Philip, you’re concerned that cyclists 34.

① have to stay in the special bicycle lanes at all times
② may have accidents when avoiding obstacles in the bicycle lanes
③ may hit pedestrians during construction of the bicycle lanes
④ seem to be regarded as a problem by many motorists

Jason: Although there may be some problems, it seems that bicycle lanes might help to reduce the recent increase in accidents involving cyclists. We can bring up this topic at the next city council meeting. Thanks for your input.


正解 32 ③ 33 ② 34

① サイクリングはかなり簡単な活動であり、すべての年齢の人々が乗ることができるようになる
② 市内での自転車の使用を制限することは交通事故の減少につながる
③ 私たちが自転車の使用を促進するには、健康の理由だけでなく環境の理由がある
④ 市内でのサイクリングは危険な場合があるため、自転車の使用を促すべきではない


① 歩行者や運転手が認識しにくい
② 自転車に乗る人々だけでなく歩行者、運転者の安全性を高める
③ 歩道の歩行者との事故数を増やす
④ 市内の運転手に車から自転車へ切り替えるように説得する


① いつも特別な自転車専用車線にいなければならない
② 自転車専用車線の障害物を回避する際に事故が起きるかもしれない
③ 自転車レーンの建設中に歩行者にぶつかるかもしれない
④ 多くのドライバーによって問題であるとみなされているかもしれない


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