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From: Jacob Haller <JakeH@xxxxxx.com) To: Victoria Haller <VickyH@xxxxxx.com> Date: April 7, 2013
Subject: Bad News

Hi Honey,

You’re never going to guess what happened. This morning, I was in the dining room drinking my coffee and reading the newspaper. Ricky and Alex were playing in the driveway. All of a sudden I heard an incredibly loud CRASH. It really surprised me, and I spilled coffee all over my shirt. I looked outside and saw that the back window of the station wagon was completely smashed. The boys were nowhere in sight, and I had no idea what had happened!

I went outside and discovered that Ricky’s skateboard had broken the window. At first, I got really angry, but looking at all the sharp, broken glass, I started to get worried that one of the boys might have gotten injured. I could not see them anywhere and ran out to the street to see if I could find them. Then, I heard someone crying near the garage.

When I got there, Ricky was sitting behind a tree with his head down. I said, “Are you okay?!” Ricky looked up with tears in his eyes and said, “Dad, I’m fine but I broke the car window!” You know, I was so relieved he was all right that I didn’t even care how it happened. Still, we will need to think about how to discipline him. I called our dealer, and it’s going to cost us $600 for a new window. Along with the dry cleaning costs for my shirt, this was an expensive morning!


Ricky’s Wild and Crazy Blog
Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skateboards Are Not for Throwing

I did something really stupid today. My friend Alex and I were hanging out in the driveway. He was playing with the basketball and I was riding my new skateboard. After bumping into the side of our car and falling badly, I decided to take a break. I rolled the skateboard to Alex by the basketball goal and said he could take a turn. He said, “No thanks, I’m playing basketball,” and rolled it back to me. I laughed and rolled it back to him again saying, “Skateboarding is more fun.” We kept on rolling the skateboard back and forth like it was a race car. It was fun at first, but after a little while, we started to get bored.

Alex then came up with a new game. He said, “I bet I can throw the skateboard farther than you!” Like an Olympic hammer thrower, he spun around twice and threw the skateboard onto the lawn in the middle of the driveway. Although it seemed a little dangerous, I wanted to show Alex that I could throw it farther. I went over and picked up the skateboard and intended to throw it beyond the tree next to the garage. Standing in the grass, I held the end of the skateboard in my hands, extended my arms, and tried to spin around as fast as I could. And then it happened. The skateboard slipped out of my hands.

I heard a smash and saw an incredibly large hole in our car’s rear window. Alex said he didn’t want to get in trouble and ran home. Thinking I could hide and pretend nothing had happened, I quickly ran behind a tree. Dad soon found me and surprisingly gave me a big hug. He didn’t seem angry at all. We cleaned up the glass and went out to buy some clear plastic to cover the window. He even bought me a hamburger for lunch. I have no idea why I didn’t get in trouble. Maybe he also broke a window when he was a kid. Well, telling Dad wasn’t so bad, but Mom’s really going to let me have it when she comes home from her trip tomorrow.

A 次の問い(問1~4)の4245に入れるのに最も適当なものを,それぞれ次の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

問1 What did Ricky’s father see from the dining room? 42

① Alex on the skateboard.
② Ricky crying under the tree.
③ The broken car window.
④ The skateboard smashing the window.

問2 Why didn’t the father show anger to Ricky? 43

① He believed the broken window was Alex’s fault.
② He needed to talk to his wife before punishing Ricky.
③ He remembered when he broke a window as a child.
④ He was glad to find that Ricky was not hurt.

問3 Why did Ricky throw the skateboard? 44

① He couldn’t roll it onto the grass.
② He wanted to pass it to Alex.
③ He was practicing for the Olympics.
④ He was trying to compete with Alex.

問4 The expression “Mom’s really going to let me have it” in the last sentence of Ricky’s blog is closest in meaning to “my mother will 45.”

① allow me to fix the window
② make me pay for the window
③ praise me for being honest
④ scold me very strongly

B 下の各絵(1~4)は,本文中の出来事を表している。それぞれ次ページの配置図内のA~Fのどの場所で起こったか,最も適当な組合せを,次の①~④のうちから一つ選べ。
① 1 ― A  2 ― D  3 ― B  4 ― F
② 1 ― A  2 ― E  3 ― C  4 ― D
③ 1 ― D  2 ― B  3 ― C  4 ― E
④ 1 ― D  2 ― F  3 ― B  4 ― A


差出人:Jacob Haller <JakeH@xxxxxx.com> 宛先:Victoria Haller <VickyH@xxxxxx.com>日付:2013年4月7日






2013年4月7日 日曜日





問1 42 正解 ③

① スケートボードに乗るアレックス。
② 木の下で泣いているリッキー。
③ 壊れた車の窓。
④ 窓を壊すスケートボード

問2 43 正解 ④

① 彼は壊れた窓はアレックスのせいだと思った。
② 彼はリッキーを罰する前に妻と話をする必要があった。
③ 彼は子供の頃に窓を壊したときのことを思い出した。
④ 彼はリッキーが怪我をしていないことを知って喜んでいた。

問3 44 正解 ④

① 彼は芝生の上でそれを転がせなかった。
② 彼はそれをアレックスに渡したかった。
③ 彼はオリンピックの練習をしていた。
④ 彼はアレックスと競争しようとしていた。

問4 45 正解 ④

① 私が窓を修理することを許す
② 私に窓の支払いをさせる
③ 正直であることで私を称賛する
④ 私を強く叱る

B 46 正解 ①

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