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Amanda : Did you hear? Sharon isn’t able to attend tomorrow’s party.
Yoshiko : Really? I can’t imagine a party without Sharon! That’s like a….
Amanda : A day without sunshine?
Yoshiko : 27 She always makes parties exciting and enjoyable.

① That’s how she used to be.
② That’s not exactly what I meant.
③ That’s quite far from the truth.
④ That’s what I was going to say.


Karen : You look uneasy. What’s the matter?
Misato : Well, I’m supposed to receive the “Student-of-the-Year” award.
Karen : Congratulations! But why aren’t you happy?
Misato : Honestly speaking, 28 There must be someone else who’s smarter and more appropriate.
Karen: Come on! Everybody knows you really worked hard this year.
Misato: It’s kind of you to say so.

① I don’t regret that I studied very hard.
② I don’t think I really deserve it.
③ I regret that I wasn’t nominated.
④ I think I’m the best student.


問1 27 正解 ④

ヨシコ27 彼女はいつもパーティーをわくわくする楽しいものにしています。

① それは彼女のかつての様子です。
② それは私の意味したことと全く違います。
③ それは真実からかけ離れています。
④ それが私が言おうとしていたことです。

問2 28 正解 ②

ミサト:率直に言って、28 もっと賢く、より適切な人が他にいるに違いありません。

① 私は一生懸命勉強したことを後悔していません。
② 私は本当にそれを受ける価値があるとは思いません。
③ 私は指名されなかったことを後悔しています。
④ 私は最高の学生だと思います。



問1 29

問2 30

How do astronauts sleep when they are floating in a spaceship or space station? ①The astronauts are weightless and can sleep anywhere, facing in any direction.In order to protect their eyes from strong and harmful sunlight, astronauts should wear sunglasses.If they were to sleep in an ordinary bed as they do on Earth, their bodies would float away in the air currents and possibly knock into something.They have to attach themselves to a wall, a seat, or a bed inside the crew cabin to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Regardless of what they attach themselves to, it is of major importance that astronauts avoid drifting by securing themselves before sleeping.

問3 31


問2 30 正解 ②




Roger: Good afternoon, everyone. The topic for today is “Leadership.” We have with us Jane, Brian, and Kevin, who are all experts on leadership. I would like to begin with Jane. Can you tell us about the essential characteristics of good leadership?
Jane: There have been several studies conducted on the characteristics of good leadership, and there seems to be some agreement among researchers. A good leader tries to create a shared vision for the group. This means that all members have a clear view of the goal everyone is working toward and know exactly what to do to achieve success. The leader should demonstrate a belief in the abilities of the team and appropriately assign tasks to the individuals who can accomplish what needs to be done. In addition, to help maintain team harmony, a good leader should check for stress, a lack of team spirit, or a fear of failure among the members and deal with any problems as soon as they arise.
Roger: So Jane, one point you are making is that a good leader must 32.

① conduct research on the qualities of good leadership
② exhibit faith in the abilities of the team to complete tasks
③ have a strong fear of failure about the team’s abilities
④ select a team with creativity and a good sense of team spirit

Jane: Yes. For someone to become a successful leader, this is an important factor.
Brian: I agree with Jane on this, but I would like to add a couple of things. A good leader should also be a role model. One way to achieve this is to work on some tasks as an equal member of the team. By doing so, the leader is able to show the team members how they are expected to behave. In addition, when the leader participates in team tasks, it sends the message that the leader would not ask the team to do work that he or she wouldn’t also be willing to undertake. And one more important point is that a good leader should apologize to the team if he or she is wrong. In short, it is of central importance for a good leader to 33.

① avoid working on team members’ tasks
② decline apologies from the team
③ expect the team members to act as leaders
④ set an example for the team

Roger: Thank you, Brian. That’s a useful piece of information. Do you have anything to add, Kevin?
Kevin: Sure. Another key feature is that a good leader always tries to help others improve themselves. What I mean is, a leader breaks down work projects into tasks that encourage and challenge team members to develop existing or new skills. Thus, the team members control their own professional development and take pride in their own work. One technique leaders can employ to support workers is to ask questions about the task, rather than telling them how to perform the task. By doing this, workers can notice what is needed to complete a task efficiently and feel proud of their own success.
Roger: So, your main point is that a leader should 34.

① assist the team to develop their own skills
② encourage the team to ask questions
③ feel controlled by the team members
④ take pride in his or her questioning skills

Roger: OK. Let’s take a few questions from the audience before we move on to the next part of the discussion. Does anyone have something to ask the speakers?


正解 32 ② 33 ④ 34


① 優秀な指導者の資質に関する調査を行う
② 仕事を完了するためのチームの能力に確信を示す
③ チームの能力について失敗を強く恐れている
④ 創造性とチーム精神の十分な感覚を持ったチームを選ぶ


① チームメンバーの仕事に取り組むのを避ける
② チームからの謝罪を拒否する
③ チームメンバーがリーダーとして行動することを期待する
④ チームの事例を設定する


① 自分自身の技能を伸ばすためにチームを支援する
② 質問するようチームに促す
③ チームメンバーによって統率されていると感じる
④ 彼または彼女が質問する技能を誇りに思う


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