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My brother, Kimo, is calling my name, “Keilani! Keilani!” as we stand outside the dark cave, but I’m not really listening. I’m focused on the very old wooden box in the mud at my feet. For a moment, I imagine running to my grandfather’s house to show him this incredible discovery. But then I remember that he passed away just last month. I feel sad as I realize he missed the chance to achieve his lifelong goal of finding the lost treasure of Captain James.

Grandfather was a genuinely kind and extremely charming person. He loved spending time outdoors, reading books, and telling stories. He would often take us on hikes around the enormous volcano at the center of our island and teach us about the different kinds of plants and animals we would see. However, more than anything else, he loved telling us stories about the adventures of Captain James, the legendary British explorer.

Grandfather’s favorite story was the one about how Captain James found an amazing treasure on his last journey. He buried it on an unknown island to hide it from pirates, but died without telling anyone the exact location. However, there was an old, well-known sailor’s song that supposedly contained clues to its location: a large volcano and a lion that held the treasure deep in its mouth. Most people didn’t believe the story, but Grandfather thought the treasure was real and buried on our island. In a quest for the treasure, he spent much of his life exploring the jungle, rocks, and caves that covered the volcano.

I could not understand why he was so interested in those old legends. Lost treasure, pirates, and hidden clues? How could someone who knew so much about the natural world believe such silly stories? I always politely listened when he talked about these things but could never let him know what I really thought.

Things changed when the largest storm in 200 years hit our island. Heavy rain poured for five straight days, causing landslides down the slopes of the volcano. When the weather cleared, the volcano looked very different. Many parts of it that had been hidden by the jungle were revealed, including an area of large, strangely-shaped rocks that, from a distance, did indeed look like the shape of a lion. For the first time, I thought that maybe my grandfather’s story was true.

Although there was still the risk of more landslides, Kimo and I decided to go this morning and look closely at the lion-shaped rock formation. It took us four hours to reach the lion’s head, where we found an opening to a cave. When covered by the jungle, no one would have ever known it was there. Using my flashlight, I was able to find a large wooden box covered in mud at the back of the cave. Together, Kimo and I were able to drag the heavy box outside and into the light.

I’m still staring at the box when Kimo yells again, “Keilani, look!” and this time I hear him. Far above us, I can see the start of a landslide bringing down rocks and mud. Kimo grabs my arm and pulls me into the cave. I look back and see the wooden box, sitting in the sun. A moment later it’s gone. With a thunderous sound, the landslide crashes down past the cave entrance taking everything with it ― trees, rocks, and the wooden box.

When the rocks have finally stopped falling, we crawl out of the cave. Whatever is left of the box and its secret contents are buried deep underneath rocks and mud somewhere down below us and will be very difficult to find. Strangely, I’m not frustrated. Instead, a feeling of determination builds inside me. I know the legend is true. I know that my grandfather was right all along. And I know I will never stop searching until I find the lost treasure of Captain James.

問1 Keilani briefly forgot that her grandfather had died because she was 42.

① listening to Kimo call her name
② so excited to find the lost treasure
③ trying to help Captain James
④ worried about the falling rocks

問2 What did Grandfather most enjoy doing with Keilani and Kimo? 43

① Collecting interesting rocks and plants
② Listening to the history of English pirates
③ Studying rainstorms and landslides
④ Telling stories about a well-known explorer

問3 What did Keilani hesitate to tell her grandfather? 44

① She felt bored hearing about plants and animals.
② She knew more about nature than he did.
③ The legend of the treasure was not true.
④ The pirates in his story were too scary.

問4 What is most likely true about the time Captain James visited the island? 45

① He did not have any secret treasure.
② He met Grandfather for the first time.
③ The island’s volcano had not yet formed.
④ The lion-shaped rock formation was visible.

問5 Which statement expresses a change in Keilani by the end of the story? 46

① She came to have the same goal as her grandfather.
② She decided to sell the treasure to make a lot of money.
③ She learned that the treasure did not exist.
④ She no longer cared about finding the treasure.










問1 42 正解 ②
① キモが彼女の名前を呼ぶのを聞いていた
② 失われた財宝を見つけてとても興奮している
③ キャプテンジェームズを助けようとしている
④ 落石について心配している

問2 43 正解 ④
① 興味深い岩や植物を集める
② イギリスの海賊の歴史を聞く
③ 暴風雨や地すべりの調査をする
④ 有名な探検家の話をする

問3 44 正解 ③
① 彼女は動植物について聴くのを退屈に感じていた。
② 彼女は彼よりも自然についてもっと知っていた。
③ 財宝の伝説は本当ではなかった。
④ 彼の話の海賊は怖すぎた。

問4 45 正解 ④
① 彼は秘密の財宝を持っていなかった。
② 彼ははじめておじいさんと出会った。
③ 島の火山はまだ形成されていなかった。
④ ライオンの形の岩層が見えた。

問5 46 正解 ①
① 彼女は祖父と同じ目標を持つようになった。
② 彼女は財宝を売って大金を稼ぐことにした。
③ 彼女は財宝が存在しないことを知った。
④ 彼女はもはや財宝を見つけることを気にかけなかった。

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