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問1 27

When you encounter unfamiliar things in a new environment, you may experience culture shock even in your own country. When Tsubasa started college life away from his family, everything seemed exciting and new to him, but then he began to feel unexpected anxiety about his surroundings. ①He realized people sometimes misunderstood him because of his regional accent and expressions.He knew that his parents missed him very much because he was their only child.He also noticed many of his classmates had learned various things in high school that he had never even heard of. Everyone seemed smarter, more mature, and even more fashionable than he was. ④He was afraid he was already too far behind in everything. However, it turned out that most of the other students had more or less the same feelings of anxiety he had. Now, he enjoys studying at college without such feelings.

問2 28

Is the tomato a vegetable or a fruit? There was a U.S. court case on this issue in the 1890s. At the time, people had to pay taxes for importing vegetables, but not for importing fruits. Biologically, fruits develop from a part in the base of a flower and contain seeds. ①According to this scientific definition, tomatoes, as well as cucumbers, pumpkins, and green peppers, are fruits.Contrary to what science says, most people consider the tomato a vegetable and use it as a vegetable.For example, in some countries the tomato has been given names such as “golden apple” and “love apple.”Tomatoes are eaten cooked or raw as many vegetables are and not traditionally served for dessert like fruits. The court concluded that the tomato was a vegetable based on the simple fact that most people considered it a vegetable.

問3 29

In response to the problem of the world’s growing demand for animal protein, a conference was held to discuss the various benefits of using insects as an alternative source of food to pigs, chickens, and cows. ①It isn’t well known, but insects are an extremely healthy food as they are full of protein, vitamins, and minerals.Insects have been around for millions of years, living with the dinosaurs and then very early human beings.Raising insects can be environmentally friendly as they neither take up much space, eat much food, nor release much greenhouse gas.Most are able to survive with little water, making them an ideal alternative food for locations with severe water shortages. The evidence shows that there are many benefits of using insects as food. It just may take time to change people’s minds about eating them.


問1 27 正解 ②


問2 28 正解 ③


問3 29 正解 ②



次の会話は、ある大学で映像制作の課題について学生たちが話し合いをしている場面の一部である。[ 30 ]~[ 32 ]に入れるのに最も適当なものを、それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。

Jennifer: Let’s get started. We are supposed to create a film for a group project in our film-making class. As the group leader, I think the sooner we start, the better our movie will be. Does anyone have any ideas for our movie?
Michael: I do. I think many people watch movies to feel happier, so why don’t we make something that can make people feel good? Last year, one group of students in this class made a documentary about our university basketball team. They filmed interviews with players and their training many times over a period of three months. For the audience, watching the documentary was a way of experiencing the hard work of the players, the friendships among the teammates from different backgrounds, the trust between the players and their coach, and finally the joy of their victory in the national tournament. Their amazing story of triumph appealed to a wide audience and everyone involved in the film received lots of praise. I would like to create a similar movie documenting people working hard and achieving their goals.
Jennifer: So, are you saying that 30?

① audiences enjoy watching stories of people achieving success
② audiences want to watch interviews of hardworking athletes
③ documentary films can make audiences happy very easily
④ it is important for us to spend a long time making our movie

Michael: Yes, that’s right.
Kim: Filming star players or people who are successful sounds interesting, but it may be difficult for ordinary people to identify themselves with the people in these extraordinary stories. I think people feel more satisfied when they watch movies that they can connect with. That’s the reason people like love stories. People like to imagine: “How would I get her attention?”; “How would I ask him out on a date?”; or “Where would we go on our first date?”
Mary: I agree. People want to watch something on the screen that they can imagine themselves doing because it’s familiar to them. And we can add a little suspense or excitement by asking the audience a “what if” question in an everyday setting. For example, what if we found a treasure map somewhere on campus? This could be the beginning of a nice, fun story, and it could make an exciting movie.
Jennifer: Kim and Mary, both of you think we should make a movie that 31.

① asks the audience many extraordinary questions
② focuses on successful people doing amazing things
③ has situations that the average person can relate to
④ uses the campus setting to create fun and suspense

Mary: Exactly.
Takeshi: But as a creative work, it should reflect the creator’s unique vision, namely, an original way of looking at the world. A great movie usually reflects its director’s creative vision in the story or in the way it is told. Remember, the audience wants to watch something novel, too. So, I think we need to think about what our original perspective could be.
Alisa: Right. If we show something ordinary in an ordinary way, people might not be interested. For example, we are just college students. Some of us are dependent on our parents for support, whereas others are living by themselves for the first time. Some of us come from small towns, and others from big cities. Some of us may feel uneasy about our careers. All of these things sound very ordinary and not really special. So, is it possible to show our world in a unique way that will appeal to the audience?
John: I think so. These things are not special separately, but the combination of all those things together can make our work unique. I think that’s what people would like to see: a movie that they can associate with but that is told from a unique perspective.
Jennifer: Well, we have some different ideas about our film, but it sounds like everyone is saying that 32 is important when making our film.

① documenting people’s real lives
② making the content highly original
③ showing our different backgrounds
④ thinking of audiences’ preferences

Jennifer: OK. Let’s discuss this in more depth.


正解 30 ① 31 ③ 32


① 観客は成功を達成する人々の物語を見て楽しむ
② 観客は練習熱心な運動選手のインタビューを見たいと思っている
③ ドキュメンタリー映画は非常に簡単に観客を幸せにすることができます
④ 私たちが映画を作るのに長い時間を費やすことは重要である


① 観客に多くの特別な質問をする
② 成功した人々が素晴らしいことをすることに焦点を当てる
③ 平均的な人がかかわりを持てる状況がある
④ 楽しさとどきどきを生み出すためにキャンパスの環境を使う


① 人々の実際の生活を記録すること
② 内容を非常に独創的なものにすること
③ 私たちの様々な経歴を見せること
④ 観客の好みを考えること


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