English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2013 DAY 2

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These tests are the ones that have been adopted as entrance exams for Japanese national universities.

Part 1


Which station are they at now?

W: Excuse me. I’m going to Avalon. Should I get on this train?
M: No, you’ve got to go to track two.
W: How far is Avalon from here?
M: It’s the third stop.

Answer: 1.


Which device does the woman want?

M: Hey, Susan, how about those headphones?
W: They look heavy. I want some lightweight ones that go inside my ears.
M: These are light.
W: Yeah, but I like these with a microphone.

Answer: 1.


What was the scheduled departure time?

1. 4:10
2. 4:40
3. 5:10
4. 5:40

M: How was your flight?
W: It was OK, but the departure was delayed an hour and a half.
M: What time did you finally leave?
W: At 5:40.

Answer: 1.


Which is the man’s dog?

W: Do you have any pets?
M: Yes, I have a puppy.
W: Oh, I love dogs. They’re so cute.
M: Yeah, mine has long ears and a spot around her right eye.

Answer: 4.


Which chart shows the current results?

W: Have you been following the tournament?
M: Yeah, I watched Vietnam beat Canada.
W: Me too. That was a great match.
M: Tonight’s semifinal between South Africa and Brazil should be exciting too.

Answer: 2.


How much is the change?

1. 39.10 dollars
2. 39.81 dollars
3. 83.10 dollars
4. 83.81 dollars

W: All right. Anything else?
M: No, that’s it. What’s the total?
W: That comes to 60 dollars and 90 cents.
M: Do you have change for a hundred-dollar bill?
W: Yes, we do.

Answer: 1.

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