English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2013 DAY 2

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Part 3


What does the man say about the zoo?

1. It wasn’t open.
2. It wasn’t so busy.
3. It was too expensive.
4. It was too far away.

W: How did you like the new aquarium?
M: Actually it was closed, so we went to the zoo nearby.
W: Really? How was it?
M: Great! Only 500 yen, and it wasn’t very crowded.
W: I would have gone with you if I had known that.
M: Sorry, I’ll let you know next time we go.

Answer: 2.


Why is the woman going to move?

1. To get a new job.
2. To help the man.
3. To live near her mother.
4. To stop using the man’s car.

M: What’re those boxes for?
W: I’m moving. Didn’t you know?
M: No! Nobody told me!
W: Mom’s getting old and I’m moving across town to be closer to her. I’ll still see you at work.
M: I hope so. Will you still give me a ride to work when my car breaks down?
W: Sure!

Answer: 3.


What does the man think about the woman’s suggestion?

1. He wants to buy something bigger.
2. His son is too old for the toy.
3. The kangaroo isn’t suitable for children.
4. The toy isn’t Australian enough.

W: Can I help you?
M: I’m looking for a souvenir for my son. Do you have something typically Australian?
W: How about one of those stuffed kangaroos? Kids love them.
M: Well, it’s a bit too large to fit in my luggage. And the thing is, he’s graduating from university next spring.

Answer: 2.

No.17 to 19

Choose the ones that are the most appropriate from 1 to 6 for 1719.

1. Cat 2. Elephant 3. Rabbit
4. Snail 5.Tortoise 6.Turkey

M: Didn’t you and your brother run on the track team in high school?
W: Yeah. He was called “The Rabbit,” but I was more like a snail.
M: I doubt that. In fact, according to this list of animal top speeds, you’re faster than a turkey.
W: Isn’t everyone?
M: Probably. Humans can run up to 36 kilometers an hour, but turkeys only up to 24.
W: What other animals are mentioned?
M: Well, cats are 12 kilometers faster than humans. And horses are more than twice as fast.
W: How fast can tortoises go?
M: Less than half a kilometer an hour. But which do you think is faster, an elephant or a snake?
W: An elephant.
M: Yeah, but not by much. Snakes can go 32 kilometers an hour, but elephants are only faster by 8.
W: Wow! How fast are chickens?
M: Fourteen kilometers an hour.
W: Good. Maybe I’m fast enough to catch one for dinner!

No.17 Answer: 1.
No.18 Answer: 2.
No.19 Answer: 6.

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