English listening for Japanese high school students: the Common Test for University Admissions in 2013 DAY 2

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Part 2

For questions 7-13, listen to the dialogue on each question, and choose one of the four options (1. to 4.) as the most appropriate response to the last statement.


1. How kind of you!
2. How scary!
3. I’m so happy for you!
4. I’m so tired!

W: I had such a bad dream last night.
M: What was it about?
W: I was being chased by a huge dinosaur and woke up in a sweat.

Answer: 2.


1. No. I didn’t play basketball.
2. No. I don’t like to practice.
3. OK, but I won’t be that late.
4. OK, I’ll join the club this time.

M: What time are you coming home, Mina?
W: I don’t know…whenever my basketball club finishes practice.
M: Well, come home before eight.

Answer: 3.


1. But it’s at the park.
2. But it’s perfect from here.
3. Then I’ll make some sandwiches.
4. Then I’ll see you next week.

W: Oh honey, it’s such a beautiful day today, isn’t it?
M: Yes, a perfect day for a picnic!
W: What a great idea! I’ll get the kids ready.

Answer: 3.


1. Can you wait five minutes?
2. I didn’t watch your program.
3. It’s the same all over again.
4. What time does it start?

W: Dad, do you mind if I watch a DVD?
M: OK, but I’m watching this program right now.
W: When will it be over?

Answer: 1.


1. I know the researcher well.
2. It’s related to the Internet.
3. Search around the building.
4. Type in some related words.

M: Do you know how the pyramids in Egypt were built?
W: No. Why don’t you do a search on the Internet?
M: I don’t know where to start.

Answer: 4.


1. I should have remembered it.
2. In that case, you won’t give a discount.
3. Sorry, but you won’t get to the stadium.
4. Well, OK, but don’t forget it next time.

W: Excuse me. Do you give student discounts?
M: Yes, but you need to show your ID.
W: OK. Oh, I forgot mine.

Answer: 4.


1. It’s a good excuse to get one.
2. It’s at the nearest train station.
3. You can ask the clerk there.
4. You need to take a rest for a while.

M: Excuse me. Is there a restroom near here?
W: Well, there is one in that gas station, but you need a key to use it.
M: OK, where do I get it?

Answer: 3.

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