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You are planning to go to an amusement park in Hong Kong. You are looking at its webpage.

This webpage will help you find the best dates to visit Blue Stone Amusement Park.

What’s New
 A new show titled “Pirates’ Adventure” will start on November 13.

Crowd Calendar
 On the following calendar, you can see the opening and closing times, and the crowd levels. The percentage in each box is an estimate of the number of people expected to be in the park. The maximum, 100%, is shown by the face icon. The percentage is calculated automatically based on advance ticket sales and past data.
On the days with the face icon, entrance to the park will be difficult. Visitors without an advance ticket may have to wait at the entrance gate for a long time. Advance tickets are only available online one week ahead.
By clicking each date on the calendar, you can see detailed information about the average waiting time for each attraction.

問1 If you go to the park on November 13 without an advance ticket, at the entrance gate you will probably 1.

① go straight in
② have to pay 55% more to enter
③ have to show your parking ticket
④ stand in a long line

問2 When you click the dates on the calendar, you will find information about 2.

① how long visitors have to wait for the attractions
② the cost of the advance tickets for the attractions
③ the food and drinks at various park restaurants
④ where visitors can park their cars at Blue Stone


あなたは香港の遊園地に行く予定です。 あなたはそのウェブページを見ています。






問1 1 正解 ④
① 直進する
② 入場するためにさらに55%多く支払わなければならない
③ 駐車券を見せなければならない
④ 長い列に並ぶ

問2 2 正解 ①
① どのくらい長く訪問者がアトラクションを待たなければならないか
② アトラクションの前売りチケットの費用
③ いろいろな遊園地のレストランでの食べ物や飲み物
④ どこで訪問者がブルーストーンに車を駐車できるか


You are visiting a Japanese university during its open campus day. You have found a poster about an interesting event.

Open Campus Event    The Holiday Planning Research Club HPRC

HPRC Meeting for High School Students

What is the HPRC?
One of the greatest parts of university life is the lovely long holiday breaks. The Holiday Planning Research Club(HPRC)is run by Japanese and international students. Our club welcomes students from all years and from every department.
Our purpose is to help each other make interesting holiday plans.

Date: Saturday, October 27 from 2:00 until 3:30 p.m.
Place: The Independent Learning Center
Event: Four students will tell you about their own recent experiences during
their vacations. See the table below for outlines of the presentations.

Speaker Description Location
1. Mary MacDonald
Department of Agriculture
* Did hard work in rice and vegetable fields
*No cost to live with a host family
A farm in Ishikawa Prefecture
2. Fumihiro Shimazu
Department of Japanese
Language and Culture
* Prepared teaching materials for a Japanese language teacher
* Paid his own airfare and insurance
A primary school in Cambodia
3. Risa Nishiura
Department of Tourism
* Assisted foreign chefs with cooking and translation
* Good pay
A Spanish restaurant in Tokyo
4. Hiroki Kobayashi
Department of Education
* Taught judo
* Free airfare and room
A junior Olympic training camp
in Bulgaria

Message for University Students
Join Us as a Speaker at the December HPRC Meeting!
You have a total of 12 minutes. Your talk, in English, should be about 8 minutes. Please prepare slides with photos. After each talk, there is a 4-minute question period and the audience usually asks lots of questions. You can get more information on our website(http://www.hprc-student.net/).

問1 The HPRC is organized and led by 3.

① NGO staff
② students
③ teachers
④ university staff

問2 You can learn from each of the four speakers about 4.

① interesting courses in different departments of the university
② low-cost trips to other countries in the world
③ outside-of-class experiences during university breaks
④ volunteer work with children in developing countries

問3 At the December meeting, the HPRC speakers should 5.

① be ready to answer questions
② put their speech scripts on the website
③ speak in English and Japanese
④ talk for about 20 minutes


あなたはオープンキャンパスの日にある日本の大学を訪問しています。 あなたは面白いイベントについてのポスターを見つけた。



大学生活の最も重要な部分の1つは、素敵な長期休暇です。 ホリデープランニングリサーチクラブ(HPRC)は日本人と留学生によって運営されています。 私たちのクラブは、、すべての学年、学部からの学生を歓迎します。私たちの目的は、お互いが興味深い休暇の計画を立てるのを手助けすることです。

日付:土曜日、10月27日 2:00から午後3:30まで。
イベント:4人の学生が休暇中の彼ら自身の最近の経験についてあなたに話します。 発表の概要については下の表をご覧ください。

講演者 説明 場所


問1 3 正解 ②
① NGO職員
② 学生
③ 教師
④ 大学職員

問2 4 正解 ③
① 大学のさまざまな学部の興味深いコース
② 世界の他の国々への費用の安い旅行
③ 大学の長期休暇の間の授業外での経験
④ 発展途上国での子どもたちとのボランティア活動

問3 5 正解 ①
① 質問に答える準備ができていなければならない
② ウェブサイトに自分のスピーチ原稿を載せなければならない
③ 英語と日本語で話さなければならない
④ 約20分間話さなければならない

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