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You want to visit a country called Vegetonia and you found the following blog.

My Spring Holiday on Tomatly Island
Sunday, March 23

I went with my family to a country named Vegetonia to visit Tomatly Island, which is located to the southwest of the main island of Vegetonia. The fastest way to get to Tomatly is to take an airplane from Poteno, but we took a ferry because it was much cheaper. It started to rain when we got to the island, so we visited an art museum and a castle. Then, we enjoyed a hot spring bath. In the evening, our dinner was delicious. Everything was so fresh!

Luckily, the next morning was sunny. We rented bicycles and had fun cycling along the coast. After that, we went fishing on the beach but we didn’t catch anything. Oh well, maybe next time! In the evening, we saw a beautiful sunset and later on, lots of stars.

On the last day, we took a private taxi tour and the driver took us to many interesting places around the island. She also told us a lot about the nature and culture of the island. We had a great holiday, and as a result, I’ve become more interested in the beauty and culture of small islands.

問1 The family went to Tomatly Island from 15.

① Magon by air
② Magon by sea
③ Poteno by air
④ Poteno by sea

問2 From this blog, you learned that 16.

① the best month to visit Tomatly Island would be March because it is less crowded
② there are still some things you can enjoy on the island even if the weather is bad
③ you can enjoy various outdoor activities and local food at reasonable prices
④ you can join a bus tour around the island that explains the island’s nature and culture



3月23日 日曜日




問1 15 正解 ②
① マゴンから飛行機で
② マゴンから船で
③ ポテノから飛行機で
④ ポテノから船で

問2 16 正解 ②
① トマトリー島は混雑していないので、それを訪問する最もよい月は3月だろう
② たとえ天候が悪くても、あなたが島で楽しむことができるいくつかのことがまだある
③ あなたは手頃な価格で様々な野外活動や地元の料理を楽しむことができる
④ 島の自然と文化を説明する、島を巡るバスツアーに参加できる


You found the following story written by a salesperson in a newspaper.

March of the Machines
Nick Rightfield

After graduating from university in Toronto, I started working for a trading company. This means I have to live and work in various cities. My first post was in New York, a city famous for its office buildings, stores, and nightlife. In my free time, I loved to walk around and search for stores selling interesting items. Even into the night, I would wander from store to store.

Then after two years, I moved to Tokyo. My first impression of Tokyo was that it is a busy city very similar to New York. However, on the first day when I took a night-time walk down the streets of Shinjuku, I noticed a difference. Among the crowds of workers and shoppers, I found rows of brightly-lit vending machines giving off a candy-colored light. In New York, most vending machines are located in office buildings or subway stations. But I never imagined lines of vending machines—standing like soldiers on almost every street —selling coffee, juice, and even noodles 24 hours a day.

As I stood in Shinjuku, I thought about Vancouver, where I was born and raised. To me it was a great city, but having experienced city life in New York and Tokyo, I have to admit how little I knew back in Vancouver. As I was thinking about my life so far, it began to rain. I was about to run to a convenience store when I noticed an umbrella vending machine. Saved! Then I thought perhaps as technology improves, we will be able to buy everything from machines. Will vending machines replace convenience stores? Will machines replace salespeople like me? I didn’t sleep well that night. Was it jet lag or something else?


問1 The writer moved from place to place in the following order: 17.

① Toronto New York Tokyo Vancouver
② Toronto Vancouver New York Tokyo
③ Vancouver New York Tokyo Toronto
④ Vancouver Toronto New York Tokyo

問2 The writer says that 18.

① life in New York is more comfortable than life in Tokyo
② life in Tokyo is less interesting than life in New York
③ the location of vending machines in New York and Tokyo differs
④ the same goods are sold in vending machines in New York and Tokyo

問3 While the writer was in Tokyo, he 19.

① began to think about selling vending machines
② realized Vancouver was better because it was his hometown
③ started to regret moving from city to city
④ suddenly worried about the future of his job






問1 17 正解 ④
① トロント → ニューヨーク → 東京 → バンクーバー
② トロント → バンクーバー → ニューヨーク → 東京
③ バンクーバー → ニューヨーク → 東京 → トロント
④ バンクーバー → トロント → ニューヨーク → 東京

問2 18 正解 ③
① ニューヨークでの生活は東京での生活よりも快適である
② 東京での生活はニューヨークでの生活よりも面白くない
③ ニューヨークと東京の自動販売機の場所が違う
④ ニューヨークと東京の自動販売機で同じ商品が売られている

問3 19 正解 ④
① 自動販売機を売ることについて考え始めた
② バンクーバーは彼の故郷だったのでより良かったと気づいた
③ 都市から都市への移動を後悔し始めた
④ 突然、彼の仕事の将来を心配した

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