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You are a member of the English club. You are going to have a farewell party for one of the members, Yasmin from Malaysia. You have received a note from Amelia, an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) and the club advisor.

Dear members of the English club,

It’s about time we decide when to have the English club farewell party for Yasmin. She’s leaving Japan on December 15, so the club members should meet sometimes next week. Can you ask Yasmin which day is convenient for her to come to the party and let me know? When the day is fixed, I’ll help you by planning a few nice surprises. Also, is it all right if I invite other students? I know some students from the tennis team who want to take part because they really had a good time playing tennis with her over the past six months.

Best wishes,

問1 The teacher wants you to ask Yasmin 1.

① what she would like to eat at the party
② when she can attend the party
③ where she would like to have the party
④ who she would like to invite to the party

問2 The teacher would also like to invite 2.

① a few students who don’t belong to the English club
② all the members of the English club and the tennis team
③ some of Yasmin’s other English teachers
④ students who want to study abroad in Malaysia






問1 1 正解 ②

① 彼女がパーティーで何を食べたいか
② 彼女がいつパーティーに出席できるか
③ 彼女がどこでパーティーをしたいか
④ 彼女が誰をパーティーに招待したいか

問2 2 正解 ①

① 英語部に所属していない何人かの学生
② 英語部とテニス部の全員
③ ヤスミンの他の英語教師の何人か
④ マレーシアに留学したい学生


You visited your town’s English website and found an interesting notice.

Call for Participants: Sister-City Youth Meeting
“Learning to Live Together”

  Our town’s three sister cities in Germany, Senegal, and Mexico will each send ten young people between the ages of 15 and 18 to our town next March. There will be an eight-day youth meeting called “Learning to Live Together.” It will be our guests’ first visit to Japan.

We are looking for people to participate: we need a host team of 30 students from our town’s high schools, 30 home-stay families for the visiting young people, and 20 staff members to manage the event.

Program Schedule

March 20 Orientation, Welcome party

March 21 Sightseeing in small four-country mixed groups

March 22 Two presentations on traditional dance:
⑴ Senegalese students, ⑵ Japanese students

March 23 Two presentations on traditional food:
⑴ Mexican students, ⑵ Japanese students

March 24 Two presentations on traditional clothing:
⑴ German students, ⑵ Japanese students

March 25 Sightseeing in small four-country mixed groups

March 26 Free time with host families

March 27 Farewell party

  • Parties and presentations will be held at the Community Center.
  • The meeting language will be English. Our visitors are non-native speakers of English, but they have basic English-language skills.

To register, click here before 5 p.m. December 20.
▶▶International Affairs Division of the Town Hall

問1 The purpose of this notice is to find people from the host town to 3.

① decide the schedule of activities
② take part in the event
③ visit all of the sister cities
④ write a report about the meeting

問2 During the meeting the students are going to 4.

① have discussions about global issues
② make presentations on their own cultures
③ spend most of their time sightseeing
④ visit local high schools to teach languages

問3 The meeting will be a good communication opportunity because all of the students will 5.

① be divided into different age groups
② have Japanese and English lessons
③ speak with one another in English
④ stay with families from the three sister cities







3月20日 オリエンテーション、歓迎パーティー

3月21日 小規模の4カ国混合グループでの観光

3月22日 伝統舞踊に関する2つの発表:
⑴ セネガル人学生、⑵ 日本人学生

3月23日 伝統的な食べ物に関する2つの発表
⑴ メキシコ人学生、⑵ 日本人学生

3月24日 伝統的な服装に関する2つの発表:
⑴ ドイツ人学生、⑵ 日本人学生

3月25日 小規模の4カ国混合グループでの観光

3月26日 ホストファミリーとの自由時間

3月27日 お別れパーティー



問1 3 正解 ②

① 活動スケジュールを決める
② イベントに参加する
③ 全ての姉妹都市を訪問する
④ 会議について報告を書く

問2 4 正解 ②

① 地球規模の問題について話し合う
② 自分自身の文化について発表する
③ ほとんどの時間を観光して過ごす
④ 言語を教えるために地元の高校を訪問する

問3 5 正解 ③

① 異なる年齢層に分けられる
② 日本語と英語の授業がある
③ お互いに英語で話す
④ 三つの姉妹都市の家庭に滞在する

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