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You are a member of the cooking club at school, and you want to make something different. On a website, you found a recipe for a dish that looks good.


Here is one of the top 10 oven-baked dishes as rated on our website. You will find this dish healthy and satisfying.

Meat and Potato Pie

Ingredients (serves about 4)

A  1 onion     2 carrots    500g minced beef
× 2       × 1     × 1
flour         tomato paste  Worcestershire sauce
× 1         × 2
vegetable oil      soup stock  salt & pepper

B 3 boiled potatoes 40g butter

C sliced cheese

Step 1: Make A

  1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces, heat the oil, and cook for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the meat and cook until it changes color.
  3. Add the flour and stir for 2 minutes.
  4. Add the soup stock, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato paste. Cook for about 30 minutes.
  5. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 2: Make B

  1. Meanwhile, cut the potatoes into thin slices.
  2. Heat the pan and melt the butter. Add the potatoes and cook for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Put A, B, and C together, and bake

  1. Heat the oven to 200℃.
  2. Put A into a baking dish, cover it with B, and top with C.
  3. Bake for 10 minutes. Serve hot.


cooking@master January 15, 2018 at 15:14
This is really delicious! Perfect on a snowy day.

Seaside Kitchen February 3, 2018 at 10:03
My children love this dish. It’s not at all difficult to make, and I have made it so many times for my kids.

問1 This recipe would be good if you want to 6.

① cook chicken for lunch
② eat something sweet
③ enjoy a hot dish on a cold day
④ prepare a quick meal without using heat

問2 If you follow the instructions, the dish should be ready to eat in about 7.

① half an hour
② one hour
③ twenty minutes
④ two to three hours

問3 Someone who does not like raw carrots may eat this dish because 8.

① carrots are not used
② many kinds of spices are used
③ the carrots are cooked
④ the carrots are very fresh

問4 According to the website, one fact (not an opinion) about this recipe is that it is 9.

① highly ranked on the website
② made for vegetarians
③ perfect for taking to parties
④ very delicious

問 5 According to the website, one opinion (not a fact) about this recipe is that 10.

① a parent made this dish many times
② it is easy to cook
③ it is fun to cook with friends
④ the recipe was created by a famous cook






A 1 玉ねぎ  2 人参  牛ひき肉500g
小麦粉×2 トマトペースト×1 ウスターソース×1
サラダ油×1 だし汁×2  塩コショウ
B 煮たジャガイモ3個 バター40g
C スライスチーズ

1. 野菜を細切りにし、油を温めて5分間煮る。
2. 肉を加えて色が変わるまで煮る。
3. 小麦粉を加えて2分間かき混ぜる。
4. だし汁、ウスターソース、トマトペーストを加える。約30分煮る。
5. 塩とコショウで味付けする。

1. 一方で、じゃがいもを薄く切る。
2. 皿を加熱してバターを溶かす。じゃがいもを加えて3分調理する

1. オーブンを200℃に加熱する。
2. Aをグラタン皿に入れ、Bで覆い、Cを乗せる。
3. 10分間焼く。熱いうちに出す。

cooking@master 2018年1月15日15:14

Seaside Kitchen 2018年2月3日10:03

問1 6 正解 ③

① 昼食にチキンを調理する
② 甘いものを食べる
③ 寒い日に温かい料理を楽しむ
④ 熱を使わずに素早い食事を作る

問2 7 正解 ②

① 30分
② 1時間
③ 20分
④ 2〜3時間

問3 8 正解 ③

① ニンジンが使用されていない
② いろいろな種類の香辛料が使われている
③ ニンジンが調理されている
④ ニンジンがとても新鮮である

問4 9 正解 ①

① ウェブサイトで上位にランクされている
② ベジタリアンのために作られている
③ パーティーに持っていくのに最適である
④ とてもおいしい

問5 10 正解 ②

① ある親がこの料理を何度も作った
② 調理しやすい
③ 友達と料理するのは楽しい
④ レシピは有名な料理人が作った


Your English teacher gave you an article to help you prepare for the debate in the next class. A part of this article with one of the comments is shown below.

No Mobile Phones in French Schools

By Tracey Wolfe, Paris
11 DECEMBER 2017•4:07PM

The French government will prohibit students from using mobile phones in schools from September, 2018. Students will be allowed to bring their phones to school, but not allowed to use them at any time in school without special permission. This rule will apply to all students in the country’s primary and middle schools.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French education minister, stated, “These days the students don’t play at break time anymore. They are just all in front of their smartphones and from an educational point of view, that’s a problem.” He also said, “Phones may be needed in cases of emergency, but their use has to be somehow controlled.”

However, not all parents are happy with this rule. Several parents said, “One must live with the times. It doesn’t make sense to force children to have the same childhood that we had.” Moreover, other parents added, “Who will collect the phones, and where will they be stored? How will they be returned to the owners? If all schools had to provide lockers for children to store their phones, a huge amount of money and space would be needed.”



Daniel McCarthy 19 December 2017•6:11PM

Well done, France! School isn’t just trying to get students to learn how to calculate things. There are a lot of other things they should learn in school. Young people need to develop social skills such as how to get along with other people.

問1 According to the rule explained in the article, students in primary and middle schools in France won’t be allowed to 11.

① ask their parents to pay for their mobile phones
② bring their mobile phones to school
③ have their own mobile phones until after graduation
④ use their mobile phones at school except for special cases

問2 Your team will support the debate topic, “Mobile phone use in school should be limited.” In the article, one opinion (not a fact) helpful for your team is that 12.

① it is necessary for students to be focused on studying during class
② students should play with their friends between classes
③ the government will introduce a new rule about phone use at school
④ using mobile phones too long may damage students’ eyes

問3  The other team will oppose the debate topic. In the article, one opinion (not a fact) helpful for that team is that 13.

① it is better to teach students how to control their mobile phone use
② students should use their mobile phones for daily communication
③ the cost of storing students’ mobile phones would be too high
④ the rule will be applied to all students at the country’s primary and middle schools

問4 In the 3rd paragraph of the article, “One must live with the times” means that people should 14.

① change their lifestyles according to when they live
② live in their own ways regardless of popular trends
③ remember their childhood memories
④ try not to be late for school

問5 According to his comment, Daniel McCarthy 15 the rule stated in the article.

① has no particular opinion about
② partly agrees with
③ strongly agrees with
④ strongly disagrees with




2017年12月11日•4:07 PM




ダニエル・マッカーシー 2017年12月19日•18:11

問1 11 正解 ④

① 両親に携帯電話の支払いを頼む
② 携帯電話を学校に持っていく
③ 卒業後まで自分の携帯電話を持つ
④ 特別な場合を除いて学校で自分の携帯電話を使う

問2 12 正解 ②

① 生徒は授業中に勉強に集中する必要がある
② 生徒は授業の間に友達と遊ぶべきである
③ 政府は学校での電話使用に関する新しい規則を導入する
④ 携帯電話を長時間使用しすぎると、生徒の目に損傷を与えるかもしれない

問3 13 正解 ③

① 携帯電話の使用を管理する方法を生徒に教える方が良い
② 学生は毎日のコミュニケーションのために自分の携帯電話を使うべきである
③ 学生の携帯電話を保管する費用が高すぎる
④ その規則は国の小中学校のすべての生徒に適用される

問4 14 正解 ①

① 彼らが生きるときに従って生活習慣を変える
② 流行に関係なく、自分のやり方で生きる
③ 子供時代の思い出を覚えている
④ 学校に遅刻しないようにする

問5 15 正解 ③

① ついて特に意見はない
② 部分的に同意している
③ 強く同意している
④ 強く反対している

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