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You are doing research on students’ reading habits. You found two articles.

Reading Habits Among Students
by David Moore
July, 2010

Reading for pleasure is reading just for fun rather than for your school assignment or work. There is strong evidence linking reading for enjoyment and educational outcomes. Research has shown that students who read daily for pleasure perform better on tests than those who do not. Researchers have also found that reading for fun, even a little every day, is actually more beneficial than just spending many hours reading for studying and gathering information. Furthermore, frequent reading for fun, regardless of whether reading paper or digital books, is strongly related with improvements in literacy.

According to an international study, in 2009, two-thirds of 15-year-old students read for enjoyment on a daily basis. The graph shows the percentage of students who read for enjoyment in six countries. Reading habits differed across the countries, and there was a significant gender gap in reading in some countries.

In many countries, the percentage of students who read for enjoyment daily had decreased since the previous study in 2000. Back in 2000, on average, 77% of girls and 60% of boys read for enjoyment. By 2009, these percentages had dropped to 74% and 54%, respectively.

In my opinion, many students today do not know what books they should read. They say that they have no favorite genres or series. That’s why the percentage of students who read for pleasure daily has been decreasing. Parents and teachers should help students find interesting books in order to make reading for pleasure a daily routine.

Opinion on “Reading Habits Among Students”
by Y. T.
August, 2010

As a school librarian, I have worked in many different countries. I was a little sad to learn that fewer students around the world read for enjoyment daily than before. According to David Moore’s article, approximately 60% of female students in my home country reported they read for enjoyment, and the gender gap is about 20%. I find this disappointing.

More students need to know the benefits of reading. As David Moore mentioned, reading for pleasure has good effects on students’ academic skills. Students who regularly read many books get better scores in reading, mathematics, and logical problem solving. Also, reading for enjoyment has positive effects on students’ mental health. Research has shown a strong relationship between reading for fun regularly and lower levels of stress and depression.

Regardless of these benefits, students generally do not spend enough time reading. Our daily lives are now filled with screen-based entertainment. Students spend a lot of time playing video games, using social media, and watching television. I think students should reduce their time in front of screens and should read books every day even for a short time. Forming a reading habit in childhood is said to be associated with later reading proficiency. School libraries are good places for students to find numerous resources.

問1 Neither David Moore nor the librarian mentions 21.

① gender differences in reading habits
② problems connected with reading digital books
③ the change in reading habits among students
④ the importance of reading regularly in childhood

問2 The librarian is from 22.

① Austria
② Finland
③ Japan
④ Korea

問3 According to the articles, reading for pleasure has good effects on students’ 23. (You may choose more than one option.)

① choice of career
② educational success
③ mental well-being
④ views of social media

問4 David Moore states that students 24, and the librarian states that they 25. ( Choose a different option for each box.)

①  are busier than ever before
②  cannot decide what books to read
③  choose similar books as their parents
④  enjoy playing with electronic devices
⑤  get useful information from TV

問5 Based on the information from both articles, you are going to write a report for homework. The best title for your report would be “26.”

① Like It or Not, Reading Classic Novels is Important
② Make Reading for Entertainment a Part of Your Daily Life
③ Pleasure Reading is Becoming Popular in Different Countries
④ School Libraries: Great Resources for Doing School Projects








Y. T.




問1 21 正解 ②

① 読書習慣の性差
② 電子書籍を読むことに関連する問題
③ 学生の読書習慣の変化
④ 幼い時に定期的に読書することの大切さ

問2 22 正解 ①

① オーストリア
② フィンランド
③ 日本
④ 韓国

問3 23 正解 ②、③

① 職業の選択
② 学業の成功
③ 精神的幸福
④ ソーシャルメディアに対する考え

問4 2425 正解 ②、④
問4 デイビッドムーアは、学生は24と述べ、司書は、25 と述べている。(それぞれの空欄ごとに異なる選択肢を選ぶ。)

① かつてないほど忙しい
② どの本を読むべきかを決めることができない
③ 両親と同じような本を選んでいる
④ 電子機器で遊んで楽しんでいる
⑤ テレビから役に立つ情報を得ている

問5 26 正解 ②

① それが好きであろうがなかろうが、古典小説を読むことは大切
② 娯楽のための読書をあなたの日常生活の一部にする
③ 楽しい読書は様々な国々で人気が高まっている
④ 学校図書館:学校の研究課題をするための大きな情報源

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